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Get Ready to H2GO!

Liz Hansen
Liz Hansen Wednesday August 3, 2016
<? echo $type; ?> Get Ready to H2GO!

Welcome to August!

It’s likely hot where you are. Fry eggs on the sidewalk hot.

—Which is why you’re sitting in the A/C with a water bottle handy. But while that water costs you no more than a trip to the fridge or the kitchen faucet, a clean drink of water is nearly unattainable for kids and families in many parts of the world, like the Philippines. And it’s not just water to for drinking that’s in question. Without clean water for bathing, washing hands, and brushing teeth, many families battle sanitation-related illnesses on a regular basis.

That’s why this Christmas, Orange is partnering with Compassion International to provide special water filter buckets to kids and families in the Philippines through local churches. Each bucket can purify one million gallons of water. That’s a lifetime of clean water for drinking, cooking, and washing!

Every $79 that kids and families in your church raise provides one filter bucket for a family and education in using and maintaining it. Additional funds will go toward WaSH (water | sanitation | hygiene) projects at Filipino Compassion centers that provide bathrooms, hand-washing stations, and even toothbrushes.

We’re calling our water initiative H2GO!—and we’re pretty sure the fifth grade boys in your ministry can get onboard with raising funds for toilets.

In fact, we invite your entire church to get onboard with our BIG goal:

We’re challenging Orange churches to join together in raising $100,000 for water filter buckets and sanitation projects in the Philippines.

 Based on the way you’ve come through before, we have no doubt the funds your ministry raises will change the lives of hundreds of kids and families in Southeast Asia.

Look for full project details, along with videos and family resources, on September 1. We encourage you to plan on launching the project in mid-November and collecting funds through the end of December or early January.

Elizabeth Hansen has worked as a script writer and story developer for Orange since 2011. She holds an MFA in screenwriting from Regent University and writes for Feature Presentation, Get Reel, FX, Wonder, the Orange Kids Podcast, and more. Elizabeth and her husband, David, write and produce films through their company, Arclight Studios. They have two sons and live in Canton, Georgia.