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On the VBS Planning Calendar – May

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday May 6, 2016
<? echo $type; ?> On the VBS Planning Calendar – May

By Liz Calhoun

For those who are hosting a VBS in June, here is your to-do list starting from 4 weeks out. If your VBS isn’t until July, save this list for next month. (In case you July-VBSers need a reminder, I’ll send this list again in June!)


  • Send postcards inviting your entire mailing list to VBS.
  • Send vocalists practice CDs or playlists of the songs you’ll be using. Spotify is an excellent and free option for doing this.
  • If you have a live stage version of your large group time, begin weekly rehearsals.
  • If you need to order any large quantities of supplies, put orders in now to ensure everything arrives in time for VBS. It’s also important to make sure you have adequate space planned for storing supplies until they’re needed.
  • If you haven’t already planned a shared family experience for the end of your VBS week, seriously consider doing so!


  • Host a volunteer training meeting for those who could not attend your previous meeting.
  • Provide all volunteers with any updates and the final schedule for VBS week.
  • Place an insert in your church bulletin to advertise.
  • Continue to recruit volunteers.
  • Put together your final shopping list for supplies and snacks.


  • Send out a reminder email blast to families and a separate one to volunteers.
  • Check in with volunteer team leaders (This is a great time to create your final “punch list” of items that are still outstanding for each leader)
  • Walk through Large Group programming elements with each team.
  • Hold pre-registration for your VBS.

At Orange, we believe the experiences families share together will have the power to shape the way children see the world.

When families experience fun together, children begin to understand they were made to enjoy and be enjoyed.

When families share experiences together, they create history as a family.

Parents can use shared experiences as teachable moments to shape the way their child sees the world.

As church leaders, we have an incredible opportunity to create a shared family experience that is designed to help shape the way children and parents see faith…together. We have the ability to provide an environment that gives parents the cues they need to nurture their child’s growing faith.

If you are using Orange VBS – Walk This Way, you have been provided a script for a Family Experience. We know you may have parents who are not a part of a local church, but who will come to an event with their children at the end of VBS week. Take this awesome opportunity to influence families to grow in their relationship with God and each other!

Be sure to check out the ALL NEW VBS from Orange for 2016! WALK THIS WAY is going to take your kids on a journey with Paul – asking the same questions he asked – to make some INCREDIBLE discoveries! 


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