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The Top 47 Tweeted Quotes Of OC16

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday May 5, 2016
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“When you grow up believing there is a purpose in life you make better decisions.” – @AndyStanley [Click to Tweet]

“There are families who will never step foot into your church until you step into their world.” – @ReggieJoiner [Click to Tweet]

“Following Jesus makes your life better and makes you better at life.” – @AndyStanley [Click to Tweet]

“You were created on purpose, for a purpose.” – @AndyStanley [Click to Tweet]

“You don’t disciple kids from a stage, you disciple them up close.” – @DougFields [Click to Tweet]

“At the end of your life, regret will sting more than failure.” – @PWilson (Pete Wilson) [Click to Tweet]

“Remember, courage and fear are both contagious.” – @PWilson (Pete Wilson) [Click to Tweet]

“If we’re going to rescue a generation, we can’t just show up once a week. We need to reimagine how we knock on the door.” – @ReggieJoiner [Click to Tweet]

“When we get spiritually tired we will stop doing what’s right and start doing what is easy.” – @PerryNoble [Click to Tweet]

“It’s easier to speak truth than it is to love somebody. It’s not your job to fix anybody. It’s your job to love them.” – @ReggieJoiner [Click to Tweet]

“What if we stop telling kids that they are the future of the church, and tell them that they ARE the church?” – @DougFields [Click to Tweet]

“On Sunday, grace is expected. On Monday, grace is a surprise.” – @JonAcuff [Click to Tweet]

“What if we changed our emphasis from eternal life when you die to kingdom life while you’re alive? – @DougFields [Click to Tweet]

“How you’re loved will always impact how you live. How you live will never change how you’re loved.” – @KPowellFYI (Dr. Kara Powell) [Click to Tweet]

“Empathy is the ability to press pause on your own thoughts and feelings long enough to understand someone else’s.” – @ReggieJoiner [Click to Tweet]

“Whose Monday are you showing up for? Get messy. Empathize.” – @ReggieJoiner [Click to Tweet]

“Don’t attend a church that teaches your kids to hate church!” – @AndyStanley [Click to Tweet]

“Outside of your family, the greatest investment you will ever make is in the local church.” – @AndyStanley [Click to Tweet]

“The biggest mistake you can make in managing criticism is believing that one person’s opinion is everybody’s opinion.” – @RyanLeak [Click to Tweet]

“We don’t have a Sunday Savior. We have an everyday Emmanuel.” – @JonAcuff [Click to Tweet]

“There are people who will never enter the doors of your church until you enter into the doors of their life.” – @ReggieJoiner [Click to Tweet]

“Why do we worship old ways of doing things? If there’s a better way to do it, then update, rethink, or replace.” – @JimWideman [Click to Tweet]

“We need to get teenagers to be ministers—a minister sees a need and meets it with love.” – @DougFields [Click to Tweet]

“Who and what do you need to turn down in your world and who and what do you need to turn up?” – @RyanLeak [Click to Tweet]

“The only statistics that you should allow to bother you are the ones that lead you to a who.” – @Coachshef (Tom Shefchunas) [Click to Tweet]

“How you are loved will always impact how you live. But how you live will never impact how you are loved.” – @KPowellFYI (Dr. Kara Powell) [Click to Tweet]

“A leader who serves evaluates their success by the advancement of the people they lead.” – @CABachelder (Cheryl Bachelder) [Click to Tweet]

“Sometimes what you say doesn’t matter, even it’s true. TRUTH matters when LOVE matters.” – @ReggieJoiner [Click to Tweet]

“Being an approval addict and a dream chaser are incompatible.” – @PWilson (Pete Wilson) [Click to Tweet]

“We can’t just teach them what to believe on Sunday. We’ve got to challenge them to serve on Monday.” – @DougFields [Click to Tweet]

“Sunday mindset: all about pleasing people who show up. Monday mindset: all about reaching the people who don’t show up.” – @ReggieJoiner [Click to Tweet]

“You have to imagine someone’s Monday before you can re–imagine what happens on Sunday.” – @ReggieJoiner [Click to Tweet]

“Kids are acceptance magnets. They go where they are accepted.” – @AndyStanley [Click to Tweet]

“Following Jesus will make your life better and will make you better at life.” – @AndyStanley [Click to Tweet]

“Here’s the thing you and I know about people: they visit on Sunday, but they live in Monday.” – @JonAcuff [Click to Tweet]

“Sunday mindset thinks about what happens in one hour. Monday mindset thinks about what happens the rest of the week.” – @ReggieJoiner [Click to Tweet]

“You can have a great vision, but if you don’t have strategy, you won’t win. Strategy matters.” – @ReggieJoiner [Click to Tweet]

“Bad news? You’ll always be looking for workers. Good news? Jesus said He would meet all your needs—including people needs.” @JimWideman [Click to Tweet]

“The only statistics that you should allow to bother you are the ones that lead you to a who.” – @Coachshef (Tom Shefchunas) [Click to Tweet]

“Every single Sunday you show up, you’re preventing more than you can ever imagine. There’s no way to measure it.” – @AndyStanley [Click to Tweet]

“Being smart, without being passionate, is boring. Being passionate, without being smart, is exhausting.” – @FBealer (Frank Bealer) [Click to Tweet]

“Rich people aren’t generous. Generous people are generous.” – @AndyStanley [Click to Tweet]

“When we begin to see the greatness of God, we become fearless in our decisions.” – @PerryNoble [Click to Tweet]

“Don’t focus on the talker, focus on the table God has prepared for you!” – @PerryNoble [Click to Tweet]

“Empathy doesn’t change the truth, it enhances the truth.” – @ReggieJoiner [Click to Tweet]

“Sunday never has to be boring, superficial, irrelevant, exclusive, or disconnected.” –@ReggieJoiner [Click to Tweet]

“A healthy soul is the most important thing you can bring to any team.” – @JimMellado [Click to Tweet]

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