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FAQs From OC16

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Wednesday May 4, 2016
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  • Can I get a playlist of all the music played onstage at OC16? Indeed you can, and it is located here. We’ve also created this cool playlist for worship songs on Spotify. And this playlist for all other music.
  • Can I get the lyrics to the parody songs that were sung during main sessions? We’d love to share those! Contact our customer service team at customercare@rethinkgroup.org, and they will be happy to send a copy of the lyric sheets to our parody songs. For your information, we are not able to distribute any videos of the parody performances due to copyright.
  • Can I share the recap video with my church? Please do! You can find that video here.
  • I lost something at Infinite Energy Center, who do I contact? Lost and found items are held by Infinite Energy Center. Give them a call at 770-813-7500.
  • Are notes available from the breakouts? We do not cover and collect session notes from all breakouts. Sometimes, breakout speakers have prepared notes for attendees. If that’s the case, you can try to reach out to the session speaker of the breakout you’re interested in—their Twitter handles are here—or, you can check to see if we covered your breakout of interest in our OC16 notes here.
  • Where did you get the glowing beach balls? Amazon has a lot of great choices!
  • Will the shirt/mug/book I saw at OC16 be available online? In the coming days, we’ll add merchandise from OC16 to our online store.
  • Is the Lead Small App available for Android? YES!
  • What is the name of the artist who was sketching during the main session talks? These awesome OC16 session recap sketches were created by The Sketch Effect.
  • Will video recordings of OC16 be available for purchase? Video recordings of OC16 are not available; audio session download cards were available for purchase by attendees on-site.

Is your question missing from this list? Leave us a comment and we’ll respond ASAP. Or, give us a call at 866-343-4874.

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