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OC16 Notes: Redefining The Role Of The Next Gen Leader

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday April 29, 2016
<? echo $type; ?> OC16 Notes: Redefining The Role Of The Next Gen Leader

The following are notes by Paula Forte from Frank Bealer’s OC16 presentation.

Six Things Every Next Gen Leader Gets to Do

1. Align Key Leaders

2. Champion Every Age Group

3. Gauge Effectiveness and Success

a. 80% Generalist and 20% Specialists

b. Helping teams play well together

c. Unified language, vision casting, and goals

d. Maximize your strengths, minimize your weaknesses

a. Be at the decision table

a. Refer to www.youleadministry.com for Orange’s working document on the newest edition of the 5 gauges and their characteristics

4. Assist with Ministry Systems

5. Expand Learning

6. Partner with Parents

a. Developing leaders starting with your staff

b. Systematic development

c. One-on-Ones

d. Continual learning and constant development

e. Expose your team to your decision-making process

f. Take your leaders to the next step

a. Clear voice and strategy

b. Faith-based conversations

c. Consistent with clear language

d. No mixed messages

Food for Thought #1: Where do you spend the most time of the 1 through 6?

Food for Thought #2: Where are you the strongest or weakest of the 1 through 6?

Paula D. Forte is the director of children, youth, and youth adults at First Institutional Baptist Church in Phoenix, Arizona.

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