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OC16 Live Stream Schedule

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday April 26, 2016
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Over 7,000 of you will be joining us in Atlanta this week! And while we’d love for every one of you to be here in person for The Orange Conference, we realize that’s not always possible. So, we’d like to offer you the next best thing: Tune in online. You’ll be able to see on and off-stage action, including select session streaming, speaker interviews, mayhem and hi-jinx, resource debuts and giveaways, and perhaps even win a ticket to OC17!

RSVP to receive additional information and perks. Your RSVP will also opt you in to win some other really cool prizes. We will not spam you, or sell your info. (That’s just rude.) And don’t forget to invite you friends to watch with you!

Schedule subject to change—note the aforementioned mayhem and hi-jinx. For the most up-to-date timeline, be sure to hang out on the Live Stream website. But we’ll have fun no matter what happens! All times are Eastern.

Wednesday, April 27

7:20 PM LIVE: Welcome to the Live Stream!
7:30 PM LIVE: Opening Session with Reggie Joiner

Thursday, April 28

11:00 AM Kara Powell
11:15 AM Chap Clark
11:30 AM Joseph Sojourner
11:55 AM Brad Griffin
12:05 PM Pete Wilson
12:20 PM Jeanne Stevens
12:30 PM Virginia Ward
12:45 PM Doug Fields
12:55 PM Kevin Ragsdale & Ben Crawshaw
1:05 PM Kevin Ragsdale & Gina Ragsdale
1:20 PM Holly Crawshaw
1:30 PM Mike Owens
1:55 PM Eryn Erickson
2:20 PM Cheryl Bachelder
2:35 PM Pam Haight
2:50 PM Cass Brannan
3:00 PM Ted Cunningham
3:15 PM Sherry Surratt
3:45 PM Jon Acuff
4:00 PM Josh Griffin
4:10 PM Katie Edwards
4:20 PM Rebekah Bullard
4:45 PM LIVE: Family Experience Showcase

Friday, April 29

11:00 AM Duffy Robbins
11:10 AM Terry Scalzitti
11:30 AM Tom Shefchunas & Elle Campbell
11:45 AM Craig Jutila
11:55 AM Jenna Kuykendall
12:05 PM Ryan Leak
12:15 PM Chrystina Fincher
12:25 PM Adam Duckworth & Sue Miller
12:45 PM Frank Bealer & Jessica Bealer
1:00 PM Jimmy Mellado
1:10 PM Jim Wideman
1:20 PM Nina Schmidgall
1:30 PM Elle Campbell & Afton Manny
1:40 PM Carey Nieuwhof
1:50 PM Perry Noble
2:00 PM Amy Fenton
2:10 PM Sarah Anderson & Rodney Anderson
2:25 PM Kristen Ivy
2:40 PM Brooklyn Lindsay
2:50 PM Jenny Zimmer
3:00 PM Mike Clear
3:30 PM LIVE: Last Session with Perry Noble


Are there some unfamiliar names? Well, they could just be your new favorite speaker in waiting! Check out their bios over at TheOrangeConference.com or on the iPhone App.

PLEASE NOTE: Our entire staff is on-site setting up for the event. Our correspondence will be slower, so we thank you for your patience.

The Orange Conference 2016 will take place in Atlanta from April 27–29. For more information and to register, please visit TheOrangeConference.com. To RSVP to the Live Stream, click here.

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