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On the VBS Planning Calendar – April

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday April 5, 2016
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By Liz Calhoun

  • It’s time to host a volunteer training meeting! This will be the first time everyone comes together to see and hear what VBS will be about this summer. This is the perfect opportunity to vision-cast and give everyone their job descriptions so they will feel prepared when the time comes. Check out On the VBS Calendar for March to get more details about volunteer training.
  • Start setting up promotional items for your VBS around the church to stir interest with the families. Add something new each week to build the excitement!
  • Some churches have already set up pre-registration in really creative and eye-catching ways. If you already have something set up, we’d love to see it! Post a pic to our 252 Basics Partners Group or OrangeVBS Group on Facebook!
  • Now is also a great time to purchase large group props and supplies for decorations, crafts, small groups and games. If you have great leaders and your plate is full, you might consider asking your team leaders to help create or edit supplies lists and even help gather and purchase the supplies. Delegate when you can!
  • Let’s take time to pray for each other this month. Children’s Ministry is such a rewarding, yet challenging ministry. Whether you are beginning your career in ministry, you’ve been in this game for a while, or you are an incredibly dedicated volunteer, leading a VBS brings forth a wide range of emotions. Let’s pray for our fellow leaders across the country!

    Be sure to check out the ALL NEW VBS from Orange for 2016! WALK THIS WAY is going to take your kids on a journey with Paul – asking the same questions he asked – to make some INCREDIBLE discoveries! 


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