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Attention Senior, Lead and Campus Pastors! This one’s for you!

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday March 22, 2016
<? echo $type; ?> Attention Senior, Lead and Campus Pastors! This one’s for you!

Join us this April in Atlanta for ReThink Leadership, a brand new event exclusively for senior, lead and campus pastors! It’s a unique gathering of church leaders who are committed to solving the biggest challenges facing not only your church, but the Church.

Here are 10 reasons why ReThink Leadership is unique and different:

  1. It’s for senior leaders only.
  2. There will be crucial conversations and connections you can’t get anywhere else. You’ll be discussing things unique to your level of leadership.
  3. It’s peer-based learning, addressing practical issues related to leading churches, staffs and organizations, by those who are leading churches, staffs and organizations.
  4. There will be no stump speeches, just fast hitting, fresh content from world-class leaders.
  5. The communicators and presenters at ReThink Leadership will be leaders of successful organizations, not just people who have talked about leading but have never led. Hear from the practitioners who are leading the movements you know about and care about the most.
  6. It’s small, intimate and conversational—limited spaces and limited seating in a table format setup with affinity and roundtable discussion and coaching throughout the event.
  7. Table facilitators will be included to help in steering conversations.
  8. There will be representatives of multiple church models, paradigms and structures all in one place. We’re bringing these different church models to you. Instead of you traveling all over the country to visit different churches and get their key success factors, we’ll have them at ReThink Leadership all in one place at one time, and give you a structured format to get the information you want and need from each one.
  9. There is an innovative schedule and format. It’s a balance of “presentation and Q&A conversation” that creates connections, conversation, and key takeaways built right into the event format.
  10. There will be opportunities to learn from like-minded and similar stage of leadership journey leaders. You’ll have lots of opportunities to create meaningful relationships and friendships that last well beyond the event. We’ll do our best to create ongoing connections through intentional conversations during and after the event.

ReThink Leadership was created by a team of seasoned leaders and pastors with proven experience in leading. They share a common passion and call of the Church to impact communities and culture with the love of Christ. If you are a senior pastor, lead pastor, or campus pastor, you need a space for addressing the issues, questions, felt needs, and overall challenges of leading the church.

During these two days you can join thought leaders and innovators from a variety of churches, businesses, and non-profit organizations who are committed to help you sharpen your leadership skills. The day will be packed with practical conversations and opportunities to connect with like-minded leaders. Every lead pastor who attends will also receive a pass to the main sessions of The Orange Conference as well.

We look forward to seeing you at ReThink Leadership, April 27-29, in Atlanta. Register NOW!

ReThink Leadership will also take place in Atlanta, April 27–29, across the street from OC16. For more information and to register, please visit ReThinkLeadership.com.

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