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Get Extra Credit At OC16

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday March 8, 2016
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One of the reasons people most love attending The Orange Conference each year is the breakouts. Even though they are at the event with their family ministry teams, breakouts give them the opportunity to dive deeper into their specific area of ministry or interest. And on Thursday, April 28, everyone will be able to attend four breakouts as part of the main conference. But if you’d like additional sessions to further your in-depth learning, you might consider these two options. Might as well make the most of your time here, right?


Join us during the day on Wednesday, April 27, for YOULEAD Labs! This year we are zeroing in on the leadership skill of “Clarifying the Win.”

Nothing is more frustrating than playing a game that has undefined “wins”—especially when you and the other players disagree on where the boundaries are, and how points are scored. That’s why we want to help your team define the specific what’s and why’s of your organization. There will be breakouts that address how to gain clarity on job descriptions and goals, as well as how to recruit, mobilize, and retain volunteers.

Speaking of those amazing volunteers: This year, we are adding a new Lead Small track especially for your volunteers. In this track, comprised of four breakouts, we will train your small group leaders just as if they were small group leaders at one of our churches. And in case you are wondering, yes, members of staff teams are also welcome to join us for the Lead Small track.

Just a few of our YOULEAD Lab speakers for this year include Sue Miller, Doug Fields, Frank Bealer, Sherry Surratt, Joseph Sojourner, Stuart Hall, Ted Lowe, Kristen Ivy, Mike Clear, Meaghan Wall, Brooklyn Lindsey, Sam Collier and many more!

Be sure to add YOULEAD Labs by March 17th to save $20 on regular rates!


Unsure why we picked a color for our name? Curious how our model can work for your church? Flummoxed by the phrase “Large Group experience?” Orange Interactives are a unique opportunity for in-person, in-depth training on the Orange Strategy and curriculum. If you’ve never used our curriculum before or have been using it less than two years, this workshop is perfect for you. These special two-hour breakouts are strategy and curriculum specific, and could include training on items such as Large Group experience, Small Group experience, worship and small church ministry adaptation. Choose from the following Interactives: FirstLook (preschool), 252 Basics (children), XP3 Middle School, XP3 High School, Special Needs, and Married People.

Registration for Orange Interactives are included with Wednesday’s YOULEAD Labs. But if you can’t attend YOULEAD Labs, you can register for Orange Interactives at a reduced rate of $39.

For more information on YOULEAD Labs and Orange Interactives, or to register, please visit TheOrangeConference.com.

The Orange Conference 2016 will take place in Atlanta from April 27–29. This is your last chance to save money! Register by March 17 to save $20 on Conference and $20 on YOULEAD Labs! For more information and to register, please visit TheOrangeConference.com.

*YOULEAD Labs are an optional event held Wednesday morning and afternoon with their own registration ticket. However, YOULEAD Labs and Orange Interactives tickets may only be purchased if you have a main session ticket. And please note that only Group Leaders can add these tickets.

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