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5 Apps That Will Help You Save Time

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Wednesday February 10, 2016
<? echo $type; ?> 5 Apps That Will Help You Save Time

by Matt McKee

Modern life comes packed with a lot of hassles that eat your time. There is a lot that eats up our time on a daily basis such as trying to decide what you are going to eat for lunch, etc. However, there are certain apps that can help you deal with these inconveniences easily. The best ones are listed below:

Automate Day To Day Tasks

Little tasks such as backing up Facebook pictures, tracking prices, etc., can consume a lot of time. However you can easily automate these tasks and save up a lot of time with the IFTTT app. The IFTTT app, known as the If This Then That app, is a meta app that connects applications and gadgets using mini programs. It syncs with a lot of other major applications. The app is multi purpose, as it serves many functions—for instance, you can set it up to where it emails your photos as soon as they are snapped, syncs your contacts to a spreadsheet and updates your Twitter and Facebook profile pictures. The time saving possibilities with IFTTT are immense. You will be well served to take a moment to learn this app so that you will save time over the rest of the year. The app is available for both Android and iOS.

Reduce Your Driving Time

The Waze app is a good app if you travel much at all. It is also one of those love it or hate it apps. I fall in the camp of love it. I travel quite a bit and live in Atlanta so traffic is always a time waster, it seems. Waze is a social map application that allows drivers and passengers to report traffic, police, accidents, etc. Over the holiday season, we used it quite a bit because we traveled in five states in less than two weeks. Google and Apple both have map apps, and Google owns Waze now. But I still find that Waze saves me more time than both of the alternative apps.

Why Wait On Hold?

Customer service takes up a lot of time but with the LucyPhone App you will not have to worry about it. The app lists thousands of companies; all you need to do is enter the company’s name and it will call for you. When your turn comes, you will simply have to talk to the representative. The one thing about LucyPhone is that it has not been updated in quite some time but for most companies it still works. Let’s be honest here though, the app that is waiting on hold for you so that you don’t have to doesn’t need to be that pretty does it? I would give it a try and save some time.

Virtual Assistant

Zirtual, EA Help, and others are services that help you find a virtual personal assistant that looks to take some of your organizational and administrative tasks off your plate to make the day easier for you. A virtual assistant does a lot for you including responding to emails, coordinating travel plans, creating itineraries and manages your calendar. So when you think of truly saving time then this is a huge step. This is not a cheap step either. The services at Zirtual start at around $400 a month and go up from there. I have used virtual assistants for years and find that they are truly helpful in saving time and keeping me organized. If you want to get serious about saving time this year then look at getting a virtual assistant. It might just be the best money you spend this year.

Did I Forget Something?

Evernote is another good app that helps you manage everything you do. If you are working with different devices, this application has definitely been made for you. It is free, though you can purchase a premium subscription, and it is a great tool that is compatible with several devices including mobile, computer, Outlook and Gmail. It allows you to manage your thoughts easily. Evernote has created multiple apps from contact management to reimbursements which will help you save time easily. Evernote is a pretty deep app once you get into it but can also be fairly light if you don’t want to dive in. Again, I would learn a little at a time here to save you time over the long haul.

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