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On the VBS Planning Calendar – February

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Wednesday February 3, 2016
<? echo $type; ?> On the VBS Planning Calendar – February

By Liz Calhoun

Your mind is forever on KidMin….

How can we reach these kids in our charge for Christ?

How can we make things fun and engaging so they’ll beg their parents to let them come back next time?

How can we make a lasting impact on their lives and their faith?

How can we get more volunteers???

What’s a quick easy way to get a few more VBS volunteers? (HINT: Head on over to the student area and say, “We need help!”)

What would happen if your thought process flipped from “getting more help” to “providing an opportunity for students to serve?”

  • SIT DOWN WITH THE STUDENT PASTOR THIS MONTH and have a talk about how serving the kids in your church would affect the faith and life of a student. See how the two of you can work together to not only give the kids a glimpse at how cool students can be when they serve, but how to give students an opportunity to do something they never thought they could do…impact the life of a kid in a significant way. Check out this story from a 17 year old VBS Small Group Leader.

If the student pastor sees how significantly their own students can be impacted, you might just end up with another leader in your church who is as ridiculously passionate about VBS as you are!

Be sure to check out the ALL NEW VBS from Orange for 2016! WALK THIS WAY is going to take your kids on a journey with Paul – asking the same questions he asked – to make some INCREDIBLE discoveries! Save $30 by ordering before February 29!


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