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How to Lead Strongly This Month and This Year

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Monday February 1, 2016
<? echo $type; ?> How to Lead Strongly This Month and This Year

by Misty Phillips

The first month of the New Year is now over. Are you still pursuing the goals you set to accomplish this year? Have you kept up momentum through the month of January? If you’re already feeling a slump in motivation to accomplish the goals you’ve set for this year, maybe it’s time to ponder making BIG asks this month—you still have 11 months left!

Where do we start? How about with the person we see in the mirror? Big things start with asking God for wisdom, grace and mercy. So, let’s start by asking ourselves a few questions. (Hint: You will most likely know the answers ’cause it’s stirring in your heart.) What change needs to happen to help you be the best as you follow Christ and lead in your ministry? It’s the small daily purposeful changes that help you personally create a rhythm for lasting results. Put away the grandiose ideas and goals, which are quick to fail. Ask God to help you begin. Begin that small change you know He wants to see happen. Keep it simple. Simple, intentional adjustments toward your yearly goals are best. Be a learner rather than a knower. Consistency is the secret ingredient to see lasting change happen. Personal management (neglect of your devotional life, time, your family), has been the downfall of many a great leader. Don’t forget to lead you first.

For ministry, Jim Collins author of the classic leadership book Made To Last continues to provide great advice. Collins writes on making a lasting impact. That’s what we want to do in ministry, right? Right! What’s the first step? Make a stop doing list. The start of a new month is a great time to take an inventory. It helps your team funnel where you want to take aim. What will your team stop doing to be effective with what you want to accomplish? What worked last year may not be the best for this year. Talk through it. After creating your stop doing list, use it as a starting point for forward motion on your goals for this year.

Church has only about 40 hours a year to reach kids. That’s short. That’s really short. When you realize the urgency of those limited hours, it helps you evaluate and prioritize the WHY. It makes way for change. Kids matter. Time is short. Examine the “why” in what you do each week. What incites vision? What values volunteers? How can you partner with parents in a real way? Remember, every ministry will have different action items for this year. Strong you. Strong team. Strong ministry this month and this year!

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