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9 Resolutions You Should Definitely Keep

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday January 19, 2016
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Welcome to the new year! It’s January and we all know what that means: It’s resolution time! (Also known as the time of year when 936 gazillion people will make a commitment to something they will not be following through on four weeks later.)

And since you’re a church leader, we thought we might be able to guess your resolutions, no problem. You probably care about your volunteers, specifically your small group leaders. And we thought you might also care about how you are connecting with the parents in your church. How do these resolutions look?

Four Resolutions to Engage Parents

  • Connect with parents every day on social media to encourage them and remind them you’re there to help.
  • Send them an email every Monday with what their kid learned at church.
  • Make simple conversation guides a parent can use to navigate difficult conversations at home.
  • Go grocery shopping for each family on Wednesdays (Remember: Susie is gluten free and Timmy is allergic to cheese.)

Five Resolutions to Develop Small Group Leaders

  • Make goals for every season so a small group leader knows when they “win.”
  • Cast vision consistently all week long through bite-sized pieces so small group leaders will remember why they do what they do.
  • Schedule coffee with a small group leader every single week so you get valuable feedback on how your groups are working.
  • Develop an app for your ministry so you can easily distribute content to your small group leaders.
  • Make one batch of cookies per week per small group leader to let them know they are appreciated

Whew. Are you sweating a little? Your expectations for this year are pretty high.

But we get you. We think you’re right on track. And we’re here to help you become the one out of three people that actually keep your resolutions this year.

This is what Weekly is all about. We’ll give you everything you need to develop small group leaders and engage parents in two hours a week.

Plus you get the ability to customize the Lead Small app—an easy to use tool for small group leaders to get everything they need for Sunday. (This is where you’ll get the major cool points.)

For a limited time, when you subscribe to a year of Weekly for $199 you get a Lead Small Culture bundle, including the Lead Small Culture e-book and brand new breakout content from the Lead Small night of Orange Tour. And you’ll get two church codes, which means two ministry environments in your church can customize your Lead Small app.

To sign up, go to GoWeekly.com. Once you sign up, we send you all your FREE goodies!

If you have any questions email Bre Hallberg at bhallberg@rethinkgroup.org


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