On the VBS Planning Calendar – November
Orange Leaders
November 1, 2015

It's that time of year (already)...in the middle of holiday chaos, it's time to begin thinking about VBS. Here are a few items to work on that will keep you on track for a successful VBS in 2016!

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  • PRAY that God will be your guide during the process and open your eyes to the ways He can work through people. Gather all kinds of people from your church to begin praying with you. This is a great way for people who would never be caught on the “front lines” of children’s ministry to be involved on a spiritual level.
  • CONTACT key leaders in your church and begin forming your VBS leadership team. This team will not only brainstorm, but will also play a crucial role in volunteer recruitment in the months to come. This team may consist of people outside your usual go-to volunteers.

HINT: If you’re hosting a Christmas program of any type, take note of the volunteers that are stepping up to lead key areas.

  • SHOP for a VBS product (or create one of your own) that is exciting and will further your ministry toward the end goal. Be intentional!

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