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The Power Of Why

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday October 6, 2015
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by Cindy Fiala

Do you dream of sold-out volunteers who serve weekly in kids’ and student ministry, a kids’ ministry that not only plays well with student ministry, but works together? Do you wonder how to get your senior leaders to champion family ministry? Or maybe you would just be happy if staff members didn’t call it “childcare.”

We’ve found the best answer to these questions, to rally the best teams of people who show up consistently and passionately, to have senior leaders who champion family ministry is by answering the “why” question. Why do we do what we do every weekend at church? What is the motivator that keeps that 29-year-old couple without kids coming back to the three-year-old room and loving it week after week?

It’s the power of “why.” We have come to understand that we can never explain the “why” enough. And so, part of our ministry strategy to ensure that our staff, leaders and teams know the “why” clearly at every level is to make the Orange Tour a regular part of our training and equipping strategy.

Here are FOUR reasons the power of the why can be answered by the ORANGE TOUR:

  1. The Tour is affordable and accessible for us to bring as many of our team members as possible. It’s amazing to see eyes begin to twinkle and hearts begin to beat fast as they receive an injection of “Why” from the Orange team.
  2. Great training for every area of leadership. As our leaders and volunteers receive great training for leading small groups at every level, senior leaders and nextgen leaders have the opportunity to learn about their role in family ministry and the importance of senior leaders championing family ministry. This is when we see them begin to connect the dots.
  3. We learn from other leaders as well. With breakouts for people serving and leading in preschool, elementary, middle school, high school, nextgen leaders and senior leaders there’s a tribe for everyone. This is a perfect way for your team to begin connecting the dots from ministry to ministry.
  4. Orange Tour allows us to be Kingdom minded. One of our core values is: Lead Forward. By being an Orange Tour host church, we have the opportunity to expose other churches to great practices and ideas in order to reach more people for Jesus Christ in a relevant and creative way.

So, why? Because what you do matters, what your team does matters and because kids, students and families matter.

Cindy Fiala is the family ministry pastor at Preston Trail Community Church in Frisco, Texas.

Join us this fall in one of 14 cities across the US for Orange Tour. Lead Small training will take place the night before each Orange Tour stop, except Irvine, which will be a two-day event. Anyone with a tour ticket can attend the training for free. Those without a tour ticket may attend for $19. For complete event details, please visit www.OrangeTour.org.

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