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You Really Don’t Want To Miss OC16! Here’s Why . . .

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday September 25, 2015
<? echo $type; ?> You Really Don’t Want To Miss OC16! Here’s Why . . .

by Abbey Carr

The Orange Conference provides a place for your ENTIRE ministry team to start connecting in a way that will matter every week. And when your ministry team connects every week, it makes it easier to build a ministry that connects kids with a comprehensive plan from zero to college. That’s why I think attending OC16 is an absolute must! But don’t just take my word for it—I reached out to some amazing ministry leaders from churches of various sizes and denominations to share why they make attending The Orange Conference a priority:

“As a leader, The Orange Conference has helped me remember the larger vision for children, parents, and families, and has given me key principles that I can take and apply to my church context. The more I hear the vision, the more I understand the ways the curriculum is intentionally crafted to reach children and families in a variety of ways.”

Stephanie Smith
Preschool and Children’s Director
BluePrint Church

“Attending OC allows you to gain the beautiful vision for what drives Orange curriculum. Your purpose is reassured and your heart has a chance to rediscover why the children you serve are so amazing and incredibly important!

I loved attending the conference, and gained the confidence to take my curriculum to the next level.”

Danielle Jones
Elementary Director
Peachtree Presbyterian Church

“I really enjoy attending The Orange Conference because of the variety of issues discussed. As a Director of Ministries, I wear a lot of hats. So, I am able to learn much about kid’s ministry by the sessions offered and networking with others from around the country. I am also able to get thought provoking information as I sit in the sessions for senior leadership. I try to bring at least one of our key volunteers for our student ministry to keep them aware of the possibilities and challenges in the middle school and high school groups. With two to three people, we are able to cover all the facets of Orange and hear some of the best communicators in the country. Plus, we get to laugh a lot! It’s good for the soul!”

Dave Dorsey
Family Pastor
Oakwood Community Church

“When our entire team comes to The Orange Conference, our team gets to worship, have major ORANGE fun, and pause as our vision is clarified and a strong sense of synergy is created. Being there together allows us to leave completely aligned and energized to lead our teams into the new year.”

Missy Purcell
Children’s Director
Crosspointe Church

“I love what happens when my whole team attends the conference together. There’s this huge burst of creative energy that comes from what we’re learning and experiencing together as a team. It gives us a common language. In fact, we write goals and make plans from April to April because we know what we learn at the conference will impact everything.”

Sue Mathis
Family Pastor
Cornerstone Church

“The Orange Conference helps Orange curriculum users to make the most out of the curriculum and the strategy. While the simplest engagement is to read the lessons and distribute them to leaders for Sundays use, it is understanding how the Orange Strategy works in conjunction with the curriculum that will give your family ministry the biggest impact. Not only is the conference enlightening, it is also enriching in that it gives leaders an opportunity to catch our breaths while some of the most brilliant minds in the family ministry field pour into our lives. While we could attend any children and youth conference, it just makes sense to attend the one that focuses on the curriculum we are using, the strategy we are implementing, while providing the rejuvenation that family ministry workers need.”

Paula Forte
Director of Children, Youth and Young Adults
First Institutional Baptist Church

Join us in Atlanta April 27-29 for The Orange Conference 2016. This year’s theme—Every Week, Monday is Coming—will help you discover how to make what you do on Sunday matter more during the rest of the week.

For more information, please visit www.TheOrangeConference.com. Registration opens on October 8, and for one day only, you can save $80 plus receive Insider First Access to breakouts!

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