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How To Simplify Your Week

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday September 10, 2015
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by Gina Abbas

Fall. Is. Here. If you are anything like me, you’ve already had your first Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks—they started selling them on Tuesday, September 8. I love fall. I even have a “Fall, I LOVE YOU” Pinterest board. Fall is also stressful because it’s so busy. I don’t have six interns or a full-time admin assistant to whom I can delegate a ton of tasks. In the midst of Costco runs for 100 bottles of Orange Crush Soda and 30 packages of hotdogs on top of retreat planning, fall can be overwhelming.

Fall is the time when everything begins and something usually falls between the cracks. A quick glance at the church calendar in my office made me panic just a little—okay a lot!—with seven different trainings happening all over campus. Training for kids volunteers, middle school volunteers, high school volunteers, community life, mentoring, baby volunteers, tech volunteers . . . oh, and that retreat I’m running right after the first week of school. So a lot is happening, and it is happening all at once.

My crazy calendar is exactly WHY I need to organize my week intentionally. Otherwise, I am running from one urgent meeting to one must-answer-email at a time.

I need help with my calendar, my time, and help being intentional to keep Leading Small. When I am buried by the church calendar and so crazy busy I don’t have enough margin to squeeze in coffee with a volunteer, I am not setting myself up well to model what it means to Lead Small.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want my week or my month to be run by phone notifications popping up to remind me about meetings and emails. That’s why I’ve been using Go Weekly to help manage my ministry and organize my week. Your week can start off on track (with time for Pumpkin Spice Lattes) by having intentional action steps, cues, and resources that come with a Go Weekly subscription. With weekly and monthly to-do’s landing in my inbox every Monday, I’ve found my week to run much more smoothly.

Go Weekly provides me with to-do’s not only reminding me to send a thank-you note or to encourage a volunteer, but it also comes with HOT and READY resources to help me get it DONE. Thank-you notes ready to print. Videos already made to use for a small group leader training. Social Media graphics ready to post. And parent emails ready to customize and send. Weekly helps me to win every week and model to my volunteers and parents the power of Leading Small.

Don’t miss your chance to get WEEKLY before the price GOES UP! Sign up before September 14 to get locked in to our introductory price.

Gina Abbas lives with her three kids and Star Wars loving husband in Michigan. She can be found decoding Taylor Swift lyrics or shooting foam finger rockets at her children. She is on the ministry council for the National Network of Youth Ministry, representing women in youth ministry. Gina loves middle-schoolers and is the 7/8 middle school pastor at Mars Hill Bible Church. And sometimes she cooks, but rarely ever from scratch.

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