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Delegating To The Natural Leaders Around You

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Orange Leaders Tuesday August 18, 2015
<? echo $type; ?> Delegating To The Natural Leaders Around You

by Leslie Galema 

If you are like me, it can be hard to ask for help. I don’t like to appear weak and incapable, so my theory used to be, if I do everything then nobody will see what I mess up!

Five years ago, I was leading a growing kids ministry at a church plant, raising three small children and trying to finish up some college classes when I recruited myself to repaint all of our kid’s classrooms. I was at the church late one night with my children. One was coloring, one was asleep in her carseat, and the other was quiet in another room. (That should have been my first warning!)

One of our leaders came in to drop something off and walked in the room where I was painting and said “Um . . . Leslie . . . do you know your son is painting the floor in the lobby?”

I jumped off my ladder and ran to the lobby and there was my three-year-old son rolling white paint all over the church lobby carpet just as hard as he could go!

I will give you a second to take that in. . . .

Do you know what I learned? I learned that I can’t do everything well, but I can do a few things really well! While I was so worried how it would look for me to ask for help, I ended up creating exactly what I had feared. I was embarrassed and learned the hard way that it was time for me to start delegating so that I could be the best leader, mom, and wife that I could be!

Where do you start?

Start with knowing and freely admitting what your natural weak points are.

For me, it was a couple of things. One, I was not great with details and organizing materials. I also noticed that I was leading out of reaction to what was needed in the moment and not from a proactive, 30,000 feet view.

So I recruited leaders to help me!

I needed someone that knew the week by week curriculum like the back of their hands—they knew supplies that were needed and could anticipate the needs of our team each week.

I needed at least two leaders to head up my team. One for preschool and one for elementary to connect with on a weekly basis.

When I opened up those opportunities to people who excelled where I was weak, it opened up more time and opportunities for me to do what I do best!

I was able to cast vision, connect with parents, see what was ahead for us in the coming months and be a better leader!

If you feel stuck and don’t know where to start delegating, let me suggest starting where you are weakest and always be looking for someone to replace you. Great leaders are always looking for more leaders to do what they do. Great leaders develop more great leaders!

Leslie is an Orange Specialist with nearly 15 years experience in ministry to the next generation.  Leslie lives in Indianapolis with her husband Adam and three kids, Cassity, Jared, and Ryleigh. You can read more of Leslie’s thoughts by visiting her blog: www.lesliegalema.blogspot.com.

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