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Unlocking Your Church’s Potential To Serve Your Community

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday August 13, 2015
<? echo $type; ?> Unlocking Your Church’s Potential To Serve Your Community

by Jeremy Holbrook

Core Essentials has evolved from an “experiment” in our community to an “essential” in our community. Two school years ago, I shadowed another church who led Core Essentials and was extremely impressed at the level of connection their ministry leaders had established with the school, the school leaders, and the community. From that point on, our ministry realized that making an impact in the community was essential and that our influence as Christ Followers was needed. We could no longer wait for the kids to come to us inside the church; we had to find them where they were (school), and utilize the opportunity to partner with the school systems to help teachers, principals, and other staff.

This year, we are in three local schools with two other schools already asking us about getting the program started in their schools as well.

We utilize the digital assembly curriculum and always use the opening skit with the credible and comedic host. The videos are always great buffers between teaching points, and the games are a blast. The main lesson is a focused time to teach the kids about the monthly character virtue. We feel that with the multiple videos in the digital assembly package, we can customize an amazing assembly, no matter what time restraints for an assembly might be.

Core Essentials has many levels of depth as far as involvement with the school when it’s not assembly time. From daily announcements to intertwining lesson plans for teachers, it’s incredible the impact and influence Core Essentials can have on a school/community.

Recently, I witnessed the impact first hand. Earlier this week, a 7th grade girl from a local middle school was accidentally shot, and died. Late last night I received a text message from the middle school principal asking if I would be available to come speak to some of the students—counseling them, and listening to their concerns as they grieve the loss of a friend. I give God credit for the relationship and trust built between us that they would trust me with such a high responsibility, but I also know that the Core Essentials program was a major component of earning that trust and building the relationships with the school system.

If you are looking to impact children/students on a level outside of your church, and are willing to be goofy, play games, and willing to love them where they are, then Core Essentials is the key to unlocking your potential to serve your community. It has not only gained our church trust in the community, but also families who attend our church.

Jeremy Holbrook is the pastor of children’s ministries at Wildwood First Church of God in Ashland, Kentucky.

Core Essentials Values provides strategy and resources for schools, families, and communities to treat others right, make smart decisions, and maximize their potential. Learn more about bringing Core Essentials Values to your community: www.CoreEssentials.org.

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