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Orange Tour Begins In One Month

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Wednesday August 12, 2015
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It’s hard to believe, but in just one month, we’ll be hosting our first Orange Tour 2015 event! We’re excited to continue the “It’s Just a Phase” conversation with you, and expand on some of the things we introduced at Orange Conference.

Every PHASE of a kid’s life has distinctive opportunities we can leverage to influence a kid’s future. And what you do every week has the potential to give every kid a better future. When churches become intentional about understanding and leveraging what’s actually happening in every phase of a kid’s life, it changes how they partner with families at critical transitions, teach comprehensively from preschool through college, train leaders how to work with specific age groups, improve dialogue and cooperation between ministries, and resource parents to interact with kids in the home.

Orange Tour is a way to equip your entire team with breakthrough ideas on how to make the most of every PHASE.

“I was looking for an experience that would unite my team and help them see what I had been talking about. Orange Tour provided that and more. It’s not just an affordable, easy to attend, one-day event. It spurs conversation and dialogue to help us transition from separate ministry teams to one united team of shepherds that is passionate about reaching families at all phases of life.

We walk away with a better understanding of how to partner with parents and engage kids, students and leadership with the concepts and questions of faith. Orange Tour is part of our annual rhythm of training for our team, coaches and key volunteers, and our ministry is stronger for it.” – Aaron B., Journey Church

Dozens of experts have contributed to the PHASE initiative, and our communicators will bring the best of the best ideas this fall. You’ll receive inspiration and practical solutions, while refining the skills of age-group leaders. Connect everyone to a master plan so your ministry stays focused and gains momentum. The unique format and regional aspect of Orange Tour allows us to combine vision and strategy with specific best practices, in turn, passing that on to you.

“This fall will be our third time attending Orange Tour. Each year, we have been privileged to take some of our key leaders along with those on our church staff. The Tour is like an annual refresher for us; we are reminded of the vision, and this day really allows our leadership team and staff to get on the same page. We also love the breakouts where we can dive into more specific topics within our areas. And while we love the main sessions and breakouts, it is also a great time to meet other people in our area who are doing the same thing. I have loved getting to know other church leaders from around our city that I can connect with throughout the year.

Every year we walk away refreshed, and maybe a bit overwhelmed at all the amazing information we have taken in! And after we have had some time to process everything, we take what we have learned and pass it along to all of our volunteers. The excitement that comes from our team each year after attending the Orange Tour is contagious, and I cannot wait to see what this year has in store for us all!” – Amy G., Graceway Church

Join us this year at Orange Tour and discover how you and your team can make the most of every PHASE so kids won’t grow up and miss what matters most.

Join us this fall in one of 14 cities across the US for Orange Tour. Lead Small training will take place the night before each Orange Tour stop, except Irvine, which will be a two-day event. Anyone with a tour ticket can attend the training for free. Those without a tour ticket may attend for $19. For complete event details, please visit www.OrangeTour.org.

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