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3 Keys For Mindful Communication

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday August 4, 2015
<? echo $type; ?> 3 Keys For Mindful Communication

by Misty Phillips

Words matter. As a leader, your words are like containers you can use to help others be moved to action. How you craft and use words matters, big time. Words can inspire. Lack of inspiring words can make ministry seem mundane and well, just boring. Ministry and messaging go hand in hand. Smart leaders know that crafted, authentic words have power to get buy in for what’s needed. Words help paint the big picture to get people on board to move forward.

Here are three key tips to help you consider how to impact others as you lead:

1. Less is more. Somehow we forget that simple is best to share and cast vision. Keeping vision simple using common language, and saying less more often is a winning ministry plan. Sharing simple vision to parents is how ministry moves forward. It helps put things in motion. Why? People want to follow vision that inspires them. It helps others to see! “We want to partner with kids and families on Sundays to help them create a Monday through Saturday kind of faith.”

Saying less in a clear, concise way also acts as a guardrail. A concise vision will keep you from wading into what may be good things that cause your ministry to grow wider and not deeper.

2. Timing is everything. Your platform to communicate your concise vision can revolve around the calendar. Leaning in to changing seasons and times present moments to cast vision and remind people how what they do is important. It’s a great time to say what you need to say. Smart leaders know that folks tend to get back into a schedule as school and the fall season hits. They seem to expect meetings and commitments to change. Schools start it off right with meetings to talk about the new school year. Do you lean in to reach your volunteers and parents? Leaning in to a kick off for fall is an opportunity to communicate a compelling vision. Be strategic to use these times and seasons. Ask big asks for team members to bring their gifts to serve at this time. Ask big with no apologies. And, if you believe timing IS everything, keep the meetings short, make them clear, and include an element of FUN!

3. Say that again. Your clear, simple vision needs to be repeated. It isn’t dictated by your calendar. You may know it well, however people need to be reminded. In your conversations on weekends, in your calls with volunteers, clear vision will be part of conversation. Another benefit? Repeated vision helps others get in the game. It keeps volunteers from getting foggy on the “why” they serve. Simple vision isn’t a twice-a-year speech or email, it is IN everyday conversation. Inspire your team members and volunteers as they serve. Words matter, and vision is key.

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