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Sam Collier and The Urban Network

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday July 9, 2015
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An interview with Sam Collier by Matt McKee

First and foremost, thanks for joining us for a conversation about what you are up to and a new exciting thing Orange is doing. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your ministry history.

SAM: First, let me say that the pleasure is truly mine. The reThink Group is an organization that many leaders dream about working with, so to be apart of a moment like this is humbling. I’m 27 years old as of 7/15/2015. I’m a man who started his leadership ministry career very young—at the age of 16 to be exact. So, that would put me at about 11 years of ministry experience. I started out as a youth/young adult worship pastor at a 25,000-member church in Atlanta, Georgia, and then graduated into an ordained minister role on a staff at a slightly smaller church (Green Pastures) years after that. Within my ministry leadership career I’ve been able to consult with, lead at and strategize with organizations such as the Catalyst Conference, Ebenezer Baptist (Dr. MLK), World Changers Church International and The King Center (ATL). In that time, I was also able to build with my team a nonprofit entitled No Losing, Inc. (501c3). We’ve been blessed to reach over 80,000 youth and young adults with our message of “Winning” in just four short years.

Where are you currently doing ministry?

SAM: Currently, I am a communicator (preacher/teacher/host) within the Northpoint Ministries (Andy Stanley) system of six main campuses spread out across central Georgia. I am also focused on expanding our school programs nationally through my nonprofit, No Losing.

Tell us about your radio show.

SAM: The Sam Collier Radio Show just partnered with “The Rejoice Network,” a Cumulus subsidiary. It is now available on 35 stations across the nation (FM/AM). Currently, we have 500,000 cumulative listeners and seven million potential. It’s extremely crazy to think that God has opened this door for me and my team. To Him be the glory. Our goal is to create a consistent place where media and inspiration can collide.Sam_Collier_And_The_Urban_Network

Orange is starting a new Urban Network and you are leading the charge for this. What is the vision behind this new initiative? 

SAM: It is my understanding that over the past few years reThink has experienced a heavy influx of urban church leaders and ministries. These leaders have joined the Orange family and belief system. They desire to reach and minister to their students in a fun and innovative way. As Reggie Joiner, the entire reThink executive team, and I spoke about this newfound community, they expressed to me their desire to be good stewards over what God had now entrusted to them. The Urban Network is our first way of completing this humbling yet weighty task. The Urban Network: A place for Urban leaders to connect, grow and create together within the Orange ethos.

You have a new title when it comes to Orange. What is that and why does that excite you?

SAM: I recently have become an Orange Ambassador. This excites me particularly because of the people that bare this title already, Jon Acuff and Stuart Hall. Heavyweights in my book. I only hope to become half of what they’ve become to the ministry space. Thank you, Reggie Joiner and the Executive Team, for bestowing this honor upon me.

Any last words you want to share with those who are interested in joining Orange or the Orange Urban Network?

SAM: JOIN US ON OUR QUEST! We must lead as many young people as possible into an abundant life in Christ Jesus. Every race. Every background. Every social class! GAME ON.

Welcome to the Orange team, Sam!

Sam is a social activist, communicator, Gospel Billboard producer, radio personality, overall performer, preacher, and founder of No Losing Inc.—just to name a few of his passions and platforms. In these roles, he seeks to empower young people to have a winning mindset in life to achieve their goals by creatively making education relevant to them. Sam lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Connect with Sam on Twitter or through his website.

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