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Five Reasons Your Team Needs To Be At The Orange Tour

Pat Rowland
Pat Rowland Tuesday June 2, 2015
<? echo $type; ?> Five Reasons Your Team Needs To Be At The Orange Tour

It’s been said, “Change of Place + Change of Pace = Change of Perspective.” Anytime I can get my team away and disrupt their rhythm I open them up to new ideas and opportunities. However, it is tough to find time to get away. It’s a challenge to find the right location. Plus there is the struggle of the budget. To me that is why the Orange Tour just makes sense. The Orange Tour is a one night, one day event that is coming to 19 cities around the country this fall. That’s right, Orange is coming to you with an opportunity for your team to experience a time away.

If you need further proof that the Orange Tour is a must, here are five more reasons to take your team to an Orange Tour stop!

Say It Better

Vision casting is part of being a leader, but sometimes I even get tired of hearing myself talk. You want your team to hear the speakers and content presented at the Orange Tour. It’s what you want them to hear. It’s what you want to say, but they just say it so much better. Whether it’s Reggie Joiner or any of the voices of Orange, they just say things in a way that makes sense. Your team will walk away aligned to a strategy for reaching the next generation.

Connect with speakers

I love The Orange Conference and will not miss it year after year. However, the Orange Tour provides a smaller environment and a better opportunity to connect with the speakers and experts in children’s ministry, student ministry, nextgen and lead pastors.

It Makes $ense

The cost of the Orange Tour makes it affordable to bring your staff, key leaders, and volunteers. It is also less of a time commitment than that of a larger conference, making it more convenient for those important senior leaders. Get this: it also makes sense for your lead pastor to join your team, as Orange provides breakout opportunities just for them.


I’ve been involved with Orange going on nine years now, and going to an Orange Tour or Orange Conference is more like a family reunion than a conference. At each event, I have an opportunity to connect with fellow ministry leaders that have become friends. These friends are the ones I reach out to when I need some perspective or encouragement. Coming to the Orange Tour provides many opportunities to network with Orange staff, speakers, and passionate leaders in your region. If you are coming to the Detroit Tour stop, I look forward to meeting you!

Time over Time

Time together creates a shared experience. There is the travel, the meals together, the sessions to discuss, and the laughs, all of which create a history. Those are the experiences that will bring your team together and deepen your relationships. I’ve learned nothing in ministry is accomplished without a team and without relationships. The Orange Tour provides an opportunity to invest in both.

Join us this fall in one of 19 cities across the US for Orange TourLead Small training will take place the night before each Orange Tour stop, except Irvine, which will be a two-day event. Anyone with a tour ticket can attend the training for free. Those without a tour ticket may attend for $19. For more information, please visit www.OrangeTour.org.



Pat Rowland is the Executive Pastor of Ministries at Woodside Bible Church, a multisite church in metro Detroit. He’s the father of Alivia (college), Claire (high school), and Presley (middle school) and lucky enough to have Mandy has his wife. They have all been working in next Gen ministry for 20 years in churches in Indiana, Tennessee, and Michigan. You can follow him on twitter and Instagram at pdrowland.