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NOTES: Andy Stanley, #OC15 Session Two

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Orange Leaders Friday May 1, 2015
<? echo $type; ?> NOTES: Andy Stanley, #OC15 Session Two

by Tim Walk

Nehemiah 1:1-11: When Nehemiah’s heart was broken, he paid attention to his broken heart.

Who are you?
What breaks your heart?

God uses broken-hearted leaders.

It is the distance between where we are and what breaks our heart that often discourages us, and it’s the gap that we need God to bridge.

There’s an inexorable correlation between leadership and change.

What could be and should be, isn’t, and that is what needs to change.

Leaders are wired for change.

Leaders make things better.

Leaders love progress.

  • And progress requires change and when things don’t change as fast as you would like, that is when you are tempted to give up on your dreams

Leaders fix things that are broken.

  • Fixing requires change, and change creates conflicts.
  • This requires living in the tension between what is and what could be.

Leaders don’t blame

  • Every local church has a leader but few churches are being changed.
  • Blame is an effective strategy in the avoidance of change.

Nehemiah’s broken heart was part of a divine design.

You have no idea what hangs in the balance of your decision to embrace the burden God put in your heart.

You are a dot along a line; stay connected.

You have no idea what God wants do through you.

Who are you?
What breaks your heart?
Change it.

Tim Walk is the high school pastor at Mount Paran Church in Atlanta, Georgia. He, his wife and two kids live outside of Atlanta and he blogs with a team of youth pastors at www.Youthpastoru.org. You can follow him on twitter @walkthetim.

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