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Consistency: The Key To Transforming Your Ministry

Sue Miller
Sue Miller Tuesday April 7, 2015
<? echo $type; ?> Consistency: The Key To Transforming Your Ministry

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your small group leaders served consistently? Wouldn’t you love to see the kind of difference your church could make if every SGL was committed to showing up and investing in kids, not just . . .
once a month
every other week
or most of the time
but every week?

If you had more consistent small group leaders, I think you’d make a pretty big impact for the kingdom, don’t you? When SGLs show up weekly, they make deeper connections, develop greater influence, and have a far bigger impact with kids than they ever could by showing up inconsistently. Weekly SGLs can transform your ministry. (And they make recruiting and scheduling volunteers a whole lot easier, too!) But if you’re like most church leaders, you know recruiting weekly small group leaders can be a challenge. Maybe it even seems impossible right now. After all, how do you get a volunteer to show up every single Sunday when they’ve got so many other things on their calendars during the week? Like their . . .
and other important things, like tuning into The Voice to see what Blake Shelton will say next.

Maybe you’re already feeling a little sick to your stomach as you imagine how your small group leaders will react to the idea of an every week commitment. Will they faint? Run? Ask about the volunteer needs in the parking lot ministry?

Now, before you have a meltdown just thinking about this idea, let me tell you something I think might help.

Yes, you need leaders who will serve weekly. There’s no doubt about that. But you know what? They need it more! Really! Every SGL needs you to give them a place to serve consistently.
Tom needs to serve weekly.
Amber needs to show up consistently.
Josh needs to make an every week investment.

Because . . .
They were designed by God to serve others.
They want to make a difference.
And they will get so much more from their serving experience when they show up more consistently. (Even if they don’t know it yet!)

So, when it comes to recruiting consistent small group leaders, what if we changed our approach?

We need our SGLs to serve consistently.

Our SGLs need us to keep drawing them toward serving more consistently.

When we invite small group leaders to serve more consistently, we’re giving them the opportunity to show up and change lives on a weekly basis, to use the gifts they’ve been given by God to do something that matters, and to do exactly what they were made to do!

By serving weekly, your SGLs have so much more to gain than lose!
They’ll meet likeminded people.
They’ll learn a new skill.
They’ll improve their resume.
They’ll make great connections with other believers.
And they’ll invest in something bigger—something much bigger.
Why wouldn’t they want to serve consistently?

So, if you want to recruit consistent SGLs, just ask!
Ask for something bigger.
Ask for something specific.
Ask someone every week.
Ask them to do something they’ll enjoy.
And start asking now.

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Sue is a leader, author, and gifted communicator. She joined the Orange team in 2005 after 17 years of leading Promiseland at Willow Creek Community Church. Sue was instrumental in leading the change process that grew Promiseland into a cutting edge ministry known around the world. At Orange, Sue travels extensively, feeding her passion to mentor leaders, inspire volunteers, and consult with churches that strive to partner with parents. Sue has recently authored two books alongside Adam Duckworth: "NotNormal — 7 Quirks of Incredible Volunteers" and "Leading Not Normal Volunteers."