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Tips For A Great Orange Conference Experience

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday April 2, 2015
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by Misty Phillips

We’ve put together seven attendee tips to help embrace all the best of Orange Conference 2015!

Tip 1: Heard the phrase “walk a mile in somebody else’s shoes”? Well, you may wish you had someone else’s shoes if your tootsies are crying at OC15. We love cute shoes, but ask yourself: “do your cute shoes love you?” Comfy shoes makes for a happy conference guest!

Tip 2: It goes without saying but we’re saying it anyway. We’re counting on you to be super friendly. Most everyone attending OC15 is doing ministry in local churches—like you—around the globe . . . just like you. How cool is that? Even our conference volunteers are ministry leaders in churches just like you! So commence “chit chattin’” (that’s Southern for: be hospitable, strike up a conversation, and get to know people while you are in line, riding escalator’s or grabbing a bite to eat.) Lead the way and connect with people you don’t know to learn about ministry! Random shout outs in hallways of your favorite sports teams can make for some interesting conversation! We know of one leader who is actually a Cubs fan!

Tip 3: Meet your Orange Specialist. They’re really nice and are already a member of your team if you use Orange at your church. It’s so good to put names with faces. We’re more excited about meeting you than the King of Pops (an OC favorite)!

Tip 4: Prepare spiritually. Pack a big bag of expectations for God to speak to you as you experience OC15. Pack a willing heart. Prayer has been lifted up for each breakout and unbelievable main sessions coming your way. Pray for wisdom and grace to gather exactly what you need and filter and reflect on how you can use this experience of Orange Conference. Our team is already praying for you and your team as you travel and as you enjoy at Orange Conference.

Tip 5: Pause to process. Evenings and break times are great to check in with your team and share what’s been experienced so far. We love it when a team talks about strategy and effective ministry to reach families! Some of our favorite stories happen when teams travel to and from conference together. Talk it up!

Tip 6: Remember that great Orange Conference Store pricing is available on-site for any resources you hear about. Shop ’til you drop and avoid shipping charges!

Tip 7: Think future. Did you know THE best pricing for Orange Tour and Orange Conference 2016 will be at the conclusion of OC15? Have a budget talk with your church finance leader now, and get the okay to sign up early while still at OC in order to save the most money on tickets!



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