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Growing As We Lead

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Orange Leaders Friday January 2, 2015
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by Misty Phillips

Our Orange Specialist team wants to get to know you, help you and listen to you as you lead. We want to come alongside your ministry. We’d like to be considered a member of your team. Why? Because we’ve walked a mile in your shoes doing ministry. Our team has lead volunteers, worked with small budgets, designed environments, lead worship, done VBS/camps and wiped noses. We got skills! Humbly, we’ve learned many lessons from the school of hard knocks, too. We’ve learned that you always have opportunity to get better at what you do.

Our team gathered a few weeks ago to hear from our friend at Orange, Jim Wideman. Jim’s a dynamic leader with a boatload of wisdom and leadership expertise. He’s a pioneer in raising the bar of excellence in local ministry. Jim talked with us about practically leading ourselves, along with some great tools for time management. Here are a just a few “zingers” from our time together.

  • The hardest person to lead is y-o-u.
  • Organization and time management are learned behaviors. They enable us to be free to handle more, and be the very best in our role.
  • Prioritize your day and create rhythm.
  • The calendar is your friend. Use it to help you! Sync your calendar with family/co-workers where possible to create flow.
  • Plan your time offensively. Plan for interruptions. Delegate.
  • Make a list of three things you know you can improve on.
  • Apply a deadline.

Much more was shared. His book Beat the Clock is filled with practical helps you can learn from, too.

Have you connected with your Orange Specialist? They’re here for you. Let’s talk strategy together as you plan for 2015.

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