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How To Do Small Groups Better In 2015

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday December 26, 2014
<? echo $type; ?> How To Do Small Groups Better In 2015

by Elle Campbell

The New Year is just about here! If you’re like most people, you’re probably starting to think about all the things you want to do better in 2015.

A better workout routine.
Better friendships.
Better hair.
Getting better at solving a Rubik’s cube. (No? Just me?)

Well, whatever our “better” lists look like in 2015, there’s one thing I’d love to see on all of our lists. It’s an area where we all have room for improvement. And it’s something that will directly impact the future of countless kids and teenagers.

In 2015, let’s do small groups better.

When it comes to small groups, I’m convinced (and maybe you are, too) of three things.

1. Small groups matter.
Small groups matter because kids need other adults who believe in God, who believe in them, and who give them a place to belong.

Small groups matter because they help kids anchor their faith to something solid. They give kids a PERSON (a small group leader) and a PLACE (a small group) where they can wrestle with difficult truths and abstract concepts in the context of relationships.

They matter because we can’t see God, or Jesus, or the Holy Spirit . . . but we can see each other. So, maybe one of the best things we can do for a kid’s faith is to give them someone, who they can see, who can show them what God is like.

So, I’m convinced that groups matter. But I’m also aware (like you probably are) that . . .

2. Small groups are messy.
People are messy. Relationships are messy. So, of course, small groups are going to be messy, too.

That’s why, even if we’ve been doing small groups for years, we probably still have room to grow.

The structure of your ministry should support small groups. But you’ll never be done making improvements.

Small group leaders need to be empowered. But you’ll probably never have all the small group leaders you need.

Your weekly small group experiences should be effective. And there’s usually something more you can do to make small groups better.

So, no, building a ministry around small groups isn’t exactly easy, but there’s a third thing that I’m convinced of.

3. Small groups are worth it.
It may be harder, not easier, to build a ministry around small groups. But it’s worth it. Because kids need to process truth in the context of relationships. They need to be known. They need to belong.

And the best way to do that is to give them a small group.

So, if you’re serious about doing small groups better in 2015, here’s a solution I think might help. Right now, an online community is forming around this specific goal: to do small groups better. And you’re invited.

Starting on Monday, January 12, we’re going to launch an online Book Club for the book Creating a Lead Small Culture. For five weeks, we’ll work through the book together as we ask ourselves . . .

How can my church do small groups better?

And while we can’t exactly supply coffee, desserts, or a cozy living room for our Book Club, we do have some other treats lined up for you. Like . . .

  • Exclusive membership to a private Facebook group, where you’ll be able to interact with each other, members of the Orange team, and the authors of Creating a Lead Small Culture.
  • A free Creating a Lead Small Culture Study Guide for you and your team.
  • Brand new videos, interviews, and articles from the authors and contributors of the book.
  • And the chance to win some prizes.

So, if you’re serious about doing small groups better in 2015, join in! The conversation starts on January 12.

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