The Best Of Orange Tour Quotes
Orange Leaders
November 21, 2014

Many of you enjoyed last week’s post of quotes from Reggie Joiner at Orange Tour. There was so much wisdom shared during the 13 stops of Orange Tour that we wanted to share more quotes from the leaders who joined us on our journey. Carey Nieuwhof – @cnieuwhof Say YES to people outside the church […]

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Many of you enjoyed last week’s post of quotes from Reggie Joiner at Orange Tour. There was so much wisdom shared during the 13 stops of Orange Tour that we wanted to share more quotes from the leaders who joined us on our journey.

Carey Nieuwhof – @cnieuwhof

  • Say YES to people outside the church by realizing they are spiritual and engage them in real conversations.
  • People outside the church are afraid of coming; they think we’ll hold them to expectations we don’t follow.
  • Nobody should be able to out-community the local church. Nobody should be looking to out-love the local church.
  • Every parent in your neighborhood is looking for a partner. They just don’t think your church can help.
  • How do you connect with those outside the church? Just do life together, and your faith will come up at some point.

Geoff Surratt – @geoffsurratt

  • If you want to build something that lasts, build a great team.
  • There’s a huge difference between delegation and deployment. Delegation develops followers. Deployment develops leaders.
  • People will support a world they help create.
  • To build something that lasts, you must have tenacity. (Gal 6:9)
  • There is tension in church planting between the dream that you have and the reality that is. Don’t give in to one or the other. Embrace the tension.

Jim Wideman – @jimwideman

  • Embrace the differences in the kids in your ministry. Help them develop their strengths in the church.
  • Is your church safe enough for kids to feel forgiven?
  • There are people in your church who are not who they say they are. You only know if you check.
  • There is a big difference between a verbal conversation and training. Training is walking alongside and not just having a pep talk before the event.
  • Don’t use people to build your church. Instead, use your church to build up people.
  • When you don’t know what to say it is okay to say I don’t know. Quit making stuff up.
  • Don’t say, “Everything happens for a reason.” Some things happen because we are not prepared.

Jeff Henderson – @jeffhenderson

  • You are called to pastor. You are required to lead. You need to be a balance of both.
  • To grow as a leader, ask yourself AND others, “What’s it like to be on the other side of me?”
  • As a church, you should invest in insiders but prioritize outsiders.
  • It’s not the outsiders that split the church, but the insiders.
  • Who do you need to spend time with that can help you get better?
  • Churches split when insiders get off-mission to what the church should be focused on—prioritizing outsiders.
  • If your church goes out of business, will your community miss you?

Virginia Ward – @vawardwow

  • Lead yourself to evaluate your success; when you are successful, overcome it. Don’t get comfortable.
  • Don’t allow past successes to be the measuring rod to you moving forward.
  • Lead yourself to excellence; don’t use shortcuts.
  • Lead yourself to change. Never pay twice for the same mistake. Make the change.
  • Lead yourself to core values—a way of thinking that instructs my behavior, is rooted in Scripture and is non-negotiable.
  • Have core values and hold yourself accountable to them.
  • Lead yourself to empower others by identifying, equipping, mobilizing, supporting, and releasing them.
  • Youth ministry isn’t just about the child. It’s about the family.

Sue Miller

  • Your best leaders recruit your best leaders. “We need 100 more who are just like you!”
  • Recruiting leaders is a process, not an event.
  • Orientation helps you clear up the vision and clear up the expectations for volunteers. Helps you unpack that you do want them to serve consistently and why.
  • Six steps of recruitment: invitation; orientation; application and background checks; interview; training; apprenticeship.
  • The scope of your influence is determined by the success of your leaders.
  • We are looking for volunteers who aren’t chaos managers but mini-pastors. They’re that important to little people.
  • Recruit better leaders for the most important job on this planet—discipling the next generation.
  • In recruiting leaders, invite them, don’t announce. For big responsibilities, people need a personal invitation.

Donald Miller – @donaldmiller

  • If you’re going to be effective, you have to learn how to be a guide, leaning in to teenagers to help them with their story.
  • In all stories, heroes can’t change on their own. Writers bring in other characters to the story to guide the hero. The kids are the heroes, we’re their guide. They are drawn to those who will guide them.
  • A fog is no good, especially if you’re a leader. People need you to have clarity, to know what the priorities are, to know where they fit in the mission and to be encouraged and reminded all the time. If you and I, as leaders, are living in a fog, so is everybody else.
  • Black and white thinking is attractive because it’s reductionistic; it simplifies everything so we don’t really have to comprehend. It allows us to feel intelligent without understanding, and once we are intelligent, we feel superior. People who don’t agree with us are just dumb.
  • I want my spirituality to rid me of hate, not give me a reason for it.

Tom Shefchunas – @coachshef

  • The answer to building authentic faith is not a big strategy, but to focus on leading small.
  • What you do for a few will always have more potential than what you do for many.
  • When you lead small, you simply make a choice to invest strategically in the lives of a few over time.
  • Being present is how you connect their faith to a sense of community.
  • When we act like we’re afraid of their questions, kids wonder if our faith is real.
  • Partnering with parents is how you nurture kids’ faith at home.

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