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WIN OC15 TICKETS: Tell Us About Your Phase

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Wednesday November 12, 2014
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It’s just a phase, but it’s all yours. Whether you wow the adorable preschoolers, brave the daring elementary kids, weird out with the middle schoolers or Snap Chat the high schoolers, you’ve chosen to work with one or more life stages that holds a special place in your heart. And you wouldn’t trade it for anything.

We want to hear why you decided to work with your phase and, of course, why it’s the best. In exchange, you could win tickets to The Orange Conference 2015! Share your story with us. And if you have photos, we’d love to see them! These kids mean a lot to you, so help us understand why.

Please submit all entries to OCContests@rethinkgroup.org by Wednesday, November 19 at 5 p.m. EST. Winners will be posted on the Orange Leaders blog the following week.

IMPORTANT STUFF: Contest entries must be 500 words or less, and submitted by Wednesday, November 19 at 5 p.m. Eastern Time. Late entries will not be accepted. Winners will be determined by our staff, and announced on the Orange Leaders blog the following week. We will award up to five registrations for OC15. These may be from the same church or multiple churches. If any winners have previously registered for OC15, those registrations will be refunded. Free tickets include main conference tickets only. YOULEAD DAY tickets can be purchased separately.

The Orange Conference, a conference for entire family ministry teams, will be held April 29–May 1, 2015, in Atlanta. Over 5,000 key influencers—senior, nextgen, student, children’s and preschool leaders—will gather to learn new insights into influencing the faith and character of the next generation. For more information and to register, please visit www.TheOrangeConference.com.

At Orange Leaders, we influence those who influence the next generation. We do that by creating resources and products that help leaders like you do ministry better.