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Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday October 3, 2014
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You’re likely on Twitter or Facebook once or twice a day. Well, we are too! We’d love to meet with you there—to share ideas, to see pictures, to learn more from each other about impacting the faith of the families and kids we serve. Here’s how you can reach us:

First Look (Preschool)
Blog: https://MyFirstLookBlog.org
Facebook: /FirstLookCurr
Twitter: @FirstLookCurr
Instagram: FirstLookCurr
Pinterest: /firstlookcurr
Orange Specialists Twitter:
Deb Springer: @OrangeDebS
Gay Tucciarone: @OrangeGayT
Annette Stickney: @OrangeAnnetteS
Barbara Graves: @OrangeBarbaraG
Terri Jones: @OrangeTerriJ
  252 Basics (Elementary)
Blog: https://252Blog.com
Facebook: /252Basics
Twitter: @252Basics
Instagram: 252basics
Pinterest: /252basics
Orange Specialists on Twitter:
Courtney Templeton: @OrangeCourtney
Abbey Carr: @OrangeAbbey
Amy Grisham: @OrangeAmyG
Stephanie Porter: @OrangeStephanie
Becky Kizer: @OrangeBeckyK
Misty Phillips: @OrangeMistyP
Joy Bowen: @OrangeJoyB
Amy Fenton: @OrangeAmyF
XP3 Students (High School)
Blog: https://orangeblogs.org/xp3students/
Facebook: /XP3Students
Twitter: @XP3Students
Instagram: XP3students
Orange Specialists on Twitter:
Jeremy Zach: @OrangeJeremyZ
Matt Ivy: @OrangeMattI
Ben Nunes: @OrangeBenN
Vimeo: /XP3Students
Vimeo: /XP3StudentsMedia
YouTube: /OrangeXP3Students
  Orange Leaders
Blog: www.OrangeLeaders.com
App: Orange Leaders
App: Orange Conference
Facebook: /OrangeLeaders
Twitter: @OrangeLeaders
Instagram: OrangeLeaders
Pinterest: /orangeleaders
Vimeo: www.Vimeo.com/WhatIsOrange
Lead Small
Blog: https://LeadSmall.org/
App: Lead Small
Facebook: /LeadSmall
Twitter: @LeadSmall
Instagram: LeadSmall
Pinterest: /leadsmall
  Orange Special Needs Resource:
Amy Lee: @AmyFentonLee
Twitter: @SpNeedsKidmin
Facebook: The Inclusive Church
Blog: The Inclusive Church
Pinterest: The Inclusive Church
Parent Cue
Blog: www.ParentCue.org
App: Parent CUE
App: Legacy Countdown
Facebook: /ParentCue
Twitter: @TheParentCue
Instagram: ParentCue
Pinterest: /parentcue
Blog: https://marriedpeople.org/couples
Facebook: /MarriedPeople
Twitter: @Married_People
Orange Specialists on Twitter:
Nancy Squires: @OrangeNancyS
Core Essentials
Facebook: /Core-Essential-Values
Twitter: @CEValues
Instagram: CEValues
Pinterest: /coreessentials
  Camp KidJam
Facebook: /Camp-KidJam
Twitter: @CampKidJam
Instagram: CampKidJam
Pinterest: /campkidjam
High School Camp
Facebook: /HighSchoolCamp
Twitter: @highschoolcamp
Instagram: HighSchoolCamp
  Amber Sky Records
Facebook: AmberSkyRecords
Twitter: @AmberSkyRecords
Reggie Joiner
Facebook: /reggie.joiner
Twitter: @ReggieJoiner
Instagram: ReggieJoiner
  The reThink Store
Twitter: @reThinkStore
Orange Hashtags:
#ThinkOrange – Official hashtag
#OC15 – The Orange Conference 2015
#OrangeTour – Orange Tour 2014
#LeadSmall – LeadSmall.org
#LiveToServe – Live To Serve 2015
#OrangeBooks – OrangeBooks.com



At Orange Leaders, we influence those who influence the next generation. We do that by creating resources and products that help leaders like you do ministry better.