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Orange Leaders Thursday September 18, 2014
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by Dr. Randy Ross & David Salyers

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., once wrote, “Nothing is as common-place as the wish to be remarkable.” Everyone wants to be remembered as having done something good. We all want to leave a legacy. But the reality is that most people live their lives simply wishing and not realizing such a desire, when becoming remarkable is well within their reach. It simply requires a change of perspective and a choice to live life on purpose.

Being remarkable means that you have left a positive wake in the world. In some way, you have marked someone’s life and left an impression that is not easily erased. Somehow, you made someone’s story better. You exceeded expectations to such a degree that someone has an irrepressible desire to talk about their experience with you. And, when someone else is talking about you in such a positive way, then you have become Remarkable!

Extracting or Creating Value
Talk abounds about the positive impact of adding value to any experience. The challenge lies in the fact that we are often deceived into believing that we are adding value, when in fact we are positioning ourselves to extract value. In any endeavor, you will either extract value or create value. Often, our selfish tendencies cause us to do for others with an expectation of reciprocity. Thus our “giving” is really “giving to get.” Creating value is all about building something of beauty to benefit or be enjoyed by others. It is making a difference.

Think about it in the context of a relationship. We all have needs and expectations. But, if our focus is on what we can get from any relationship, then we are seeking to extract value. If we take more away than we create, then the relationship will be challenged. Or, to express it differently, if we make more emotional withdrawals from any relationship than we make emotional deposits into it, it won’t be long before that relationship will be bankrupt. Value is created when we focus more on what we can give rather than what we can get. It’s putting WE above ME and seeking to do what’s best for everyone involved, not just look out for our personal interests. 

Leaving a Positive Wake
Every life has a story. The key to leaving a positive wake is to deeply connect with others in an attempt to understand their stories. Then, make a conscious effort to make a difference in someone’s life and improve their story in some way. It’s about changing the world for good. You may not be able to change the whole world. But, when you do for one what you wish you could do for everyone, then you change the world for someone.

Solving a Problem
When faced with a problem, most people either run from it or duck for cover. Some may even blame others or deflect personal responsibility. However, the best way to create value and leave a positive wake is to seek out and embrace problems. Find the biggest problem you can find and leverage your strengths and passion to solve it. The bigger the problem, the greater the value you create by resolving it. So, don’t run from problems . . . run into them! When others see how you respond, they will be inspired to do the same.

Create a Movement of Good
Being remarkable is about spreading kindness and inspiring hope. When you focus on making a difference in people’s lives and encourage others to do the same, then you have the potential to do great good. People on mission and living life on purpose can be a formidable force for good. Choose to be what you were designed to be: a value creator. Choose to make a statement with your life. Choose to be Remarkable!

For information on the Remarkable Movement visit: RemarkableMovement.com.

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