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Encounter Jesus in a New Way in Israel

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday September 9, 2014
<? echo $type; ?> Encounter Jesus in a New Way in Israel

For many, a trip to Israel is a must-see, wish-list item. As a leader, perhaps this is something you’ve done or wish to do. Maybe you’ve wondered about what you would get to see while there. Recently, the Israel Ministry of Tourism asked Perry Noble to write about his trip to Israel, explaining to would-be tourists what they could see during a visit.

by Perry Noble

“What will I get to see/do in Israel?” This has been one of the most frequently asked questions I’ve had about traveling to Israel.

Mount TaborHere is a list of just SOME of the things you will get to see:

#1 – Caeserea Maritime – You will get to see the place where Herod gave a speech, didn’t give glory to God and was struck down (Acts 12:19-24). AND this is also where Paul was in prison and the place where he stood and gave his defense in front of King Agrippa (Acts 25-26).

#2 – Mount Carmel – You will stand on the mountain where Elijah called fire down from heaven (I Kings 18) and see how what he did impacts our ministry today. When the significance of what Elijah did there was explained to me, it literally changed my approach to preaching!

#3 – Caeserea Philippi – You will see the place where Jesus pointed and said, “I will build my church. . . .” (Matthew 16:18) Once you see the geography of the region and notice the intentionality of Jesus going there to make the announcement, it will BLOW YOU AWAY!

#4 – Capernaum – This city is considered by most scholars to be the town that Jesus lived in and operated from during his ministry. It is mentioned in the Gospels 16 times and is one of the most fascinating places in Israel because the ruins from the time of Jesus have been excavated so you see a LOT. Mark 2:1-12 happened there as well.

#5 – A Boat Ride on the Sea of Galilee – You will ride on the waters that JESUS walked on!

Hitton Region 1#6 – Mt. Arbel – My FAVORITE PLACE in Israel! Many scholars believe this is the place where Jesus went after He fed the 5,000 . . . and your perspective on Jesus seeing us through the storms in our lives WILL BE FOREVER IMPACTED when you stand on top of this mountain! (Matthew 14).

#7 – Peter’s Primacy – This is the place believed by many that Jesus reinstated Peter into the ministry (John 21). The CHANGE that Jesus brought about in Peter’s life is one that ALL OF US in ministry have to go through.

#8 – The Place Where Jesus Healed the Demoniac – The symbolism in this story of what Jesus was willing to go through to “get to the other side” ignited my heart for evangelism like NEVER before! (Mark 5:1-20)

#9 – An Overlook of the City of Bethlehem – You will get to take a look at the city where Jesus was born.

The Garden Tomb in Jerusalem#10 – The Mount of Olives – Trust me, to stand where Jesus ascended and where we know He will return is an experience that words cannot describe! AND . . . the view of Jerusalem from the Mt. of Olives is BREATHTAKING—the Bible COMES TO LIFE!

#11 – The Garden of Gethsemane – We will be at the place where Jesus prayed THE MOST POWERFUL PRAYER EVER – “Not my will but yours be done.” (Luke 22:42) This is the place where SOOOO many people who have gone with me before said that God “rocked their world!” in this spot.

#12 – The Place Where 3,000 Were Baptized in One Day! – Enough said!

#13 – Communion in the Garden Tomb! – I LOVE THIS PLACE!

#14 – A Tour of the Old City – Here, you will see so many of the sites that are IN the Scriptures.

#15 – The Israel Museum and the Holocaust Museum – TRUST ME, both of these are a MUST SEE!

I cannot emphasize how much this will refresh, refocus and re-energize your calling and your commitment to Jesus and HIS church!

The Israel Ministry of Tourism has several offices located throughout North America and is dedicated to providing resources, education, and support dedicated to promoting tourism to Israel. They work with church leaders and congregations, providing materials and information intended to encourage both groups and individuals to discover the cradle of Christianity by experiencing—both physically and spiritually—the same biblical landscapes and sites of where Jesus and the disciples once walked. If you or your church are interested in visiting Israel, contact GoIsrael.org.

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