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Andy Stanley Shares Three Components of Momentum

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday August 5, 2014
<? echo $type; ?> Andy Stanley Shares Three Components of Momentum

Andy Stanley shares three simple components of creating and sustaining momentum that are invaluable for churches looking to find or regain this powerful force.

The first component he talks about is new. Anything new you introduce in your ministry automatically triggers momentum. Tweaking something old never generates momentum; it is only triggered by introducing something entirely new.

The second component Andy talks about is improved. That is, the new must be a significant improvement over the old. A slight adjustment won’t work—the improvement must be noticeably better.

To sustain long-term momentum we must keep improving. Long-term momentum is sustained through continuous improvement. When you’ve got a great thing going, do not leave it alone. Constantly find ways to tweak it and improve it in order to sustain momentum.

How have you seen new, improved, and improving work in your ministry?

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