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Make an FX Work for You

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday June 27, 2014
<? echo $type; ?> Make an FX Work for You

Getting parents and kids together regularly for a shared experience is a critical part of the Orange Strategy, but it doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are a few ways to implement Family Experiences (FX) in any environment:

Home FX: Bring together a small group of parents and kids to watch a movie together, have family game night, or work on a craft project. Every part of the experience can be tied into a specific theme or virtue.

FX Event: With a larger group, an FX event might be a family picnic, holiday party, or special family night production at the church. Incorporate singers, actors, dancers, and anything else that will generate attention and energy.

Monthly FX: A monthly event can allow parents and kids regular opportunities to learn together, while also giving leaders a time to speak directly to parents, casting vision and giving encouragement.

Weekly FX: These regular productions can incorporate everything from storytellers to comedic sketches to videos for bringing families together on a consistent basis. Each week becomes a springboard for building families’ relationships with each other and with God.

For more information about Family Experiences and the 252 Basics curriculum, click here.

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