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High Capacity Leaders, Part 2: Delegate

Pat Rowland
Pat Rowland Friday March 14, 2014
<? echo $type; ?> High Capacity Leaders, Part 2: Delegate

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This week, we are talking about how you need and can find “High Capacity Leaders” for your ministry. Previously, we talked about the need to challenge people to join your mission. In part 2 we are looking at this idea of delegation. Leaders know about delegating, and dream about people with which they can delegate too. If you don’t have a team, then you probably are not ready for this step, check out the previous post.

Once you have those partners in place, then you are ready to DELEGATE. Keep in mind that a High Capacity Leader has made a high level commitment. Therefore, you need to Delegate Authority not just Tasks. There is a difference, let me explain. . . .

By Delegating Tasks

the leader constantly directs volunteers
the leader remains hands on with everything
the leader suppresses the innovative input of volunteers
the leader views volunteers as workers
the leader creates a bottle neck in the leadership pipeline

By Delegating Authority

the leader cast vision for ministry
the leader empowers capable leaders with the responsibility
the leader creates an opportunity for innovation and expansion
the leader views volunteers as partners
the leader develops leaders who will develop leaders

When the leader is in survival mode, there is a necessity to delegate tasks. No leader wants to live in survival mode. By raising up leaders to whom you can delegate authority allows the ministry to thrive.

Before you go out and completely hand off all of your responsibilities to volunteers and spend your free time on your fantasy football team, make sure you read the next post. This might be the most important factor, Leading over TIME.

This post originally appeared September 5, 2013 at PatRowland.me. Used with permission from the author.

Pat Rowland is the Executive Pastor of Ministries at Woodside Bible Church, a multisite church in metro Detroit. He’s the father of Alivia (college), Claire (high school), and Presley (middle school) and lucky enough to have Mandy has his wife. They have all been working in next Gen ministry for 20 years in churches in Indiana, Tennessee, and Michigan. You can follow him on twitter and Instagram at pdrowland.