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Amy Fenton Lee Takes Over Orange Leaders for the Day!

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday January 7, 2014
<? echo $type; ?> Amy Fenton Lee Takes Over Orange Leaders for the Day!

If you follow the Orange Leaders’ accounts on social media, you may notice a familiar voice posting and spreading Orange information today.

That’s because we’ve been taken over by Amy Fenton Lee on Facebook and Twitter!

Throughout the day, you’ll be able to interact with Amy, ask questions, share stories, get information and learn more about the Special Needs Track at the 2014 Orange Conference.

Amy Fenton Lee is the Director of Special Needs Initiatives for The reThink Group. Amy is the author of Leading a Special Needs Ministry: A Practical Guide to Loving Children and Including Families (Orange, 2013). Amy has written extensively on the subject of special needs inclusion in children’s ministry for in-print publications, journals and websites, including the www.TheInclusiveChurch.com. Along with her husband and young son, Amy lives in Cumming, Georgia. When she’s not taking over the Orange Leaders’ accounts, you can connect with Amy on Twitter: @AmyFentonLee, @SpNeedsKidmin or @LeadingSpNMin.

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