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A New Volunteer Conference!

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday December 19, 2013
<? echo $type; ?> A New Volunteer Conference!

by Amy Fenton

Have you ever been to an amazing kid’s ministry conference and come home so inspired, passionate, and ready to share the highs you experienced, only to find that the passion and inspiration doesn’t always translate so well to your volunteers? Did you ever think, “I wish they could all experience what I just experienced?”

We have come up with a solution! Sue Miller, Kenny Conley, Adam Duckworth, Cass Brannan, and I have created a Saturday morning volunteer experience to do just that! We’re traveling to five cities in 2014 to inspire, train, appreciate and celebrate your ministry volunteers.

We are bringing the conference to you. We are making it so affordable that all your volunteers will be able to come! We will make it so fun, energizing and exciting that your volunteers will leave begging for more.

Illuminate: Live to Serve is a new conference designed with your volunteers in mind. We want them to leave feeling inspired and celebrated and most importantly, feel like they have just been to the happiest preschool and children’s ministry volunteer conference on the planet!

We will focus on common issues your volunteers face and give them wisdom from some of the top conference speakers we know. We want them to experience fun, encouragement, laughter, unity, excitement, and practical wisdom that will pump them up as they press on to give, love and serve others.

The cost, if you register through January 6, 2014, is only $20 per person! Check out locations and details at www.LiveToServe.co. If you have questions email me at afenton@rethinkgroup.org; I would love to chat!

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