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Say “YES” Contest Winner!

Kristi Porter
Kristi Porter Monday December 2, 2013
<? echo $type; ?> Say “YES” Contest Winner!

A huge congrats to Stafford at Portage Alliance Church for winning our Say YES Contest! He and four of his team members will be joining us at The Orange Conference 2014 this April.

We had so many incredible entries, and were only able to share a few of those with you. But hopefully you were also inspired by those you read, and will find the courage to say YES in your own ministry. You’d be in good company!

Join us at OC14 and experience the power of YES.

Okay, we couldn’t resist. Here are some other amazing people who said YES.

Allen, Central Baptist Church
“After 18 years as student pastor at my church, I was asked to consider a ‘move’ to family pastor. I knew if this happened, the truth would come out that I had no idea what I was doing. Student pastors are expected to be a little off and weird, but family pastors should be organized, fully aware of diaper changing procedures, and know the best learning environments. My only option was to seek wisdom at its source: GOOGLE. One quick search revealed the answer. Mix red and yellow and think Orange. Armed with this new ammunition, I walked right into staff and loudly proclaimed: “YES! I will give up a life of athletic shorts, T-shirts, Cheetos and Mountain Dew for a new wardrobe full of orange and a new mindset that will lay a foundation for impacting the next generation like never before.’ The transformation has been awesome.” 

Tara, Bellemont United Methodist Church
“In May of 2013, I said YES to leave my home church to become the children’s pastor at Bellemont United Methodist Church. When I introduced myself to the pastor, I explained that I was not a ‘Methodist’ and that I was just a teacher and a mom who was passionate about bringing God’s story of grace and redemption to a community closer to my neighborhood. I was on fire for using a strategy that went beyond denomination lines and crossed over to the importance of loving God and loving His people! It was a strategy that has worked in my home for nine years. I got the job!”

Brad, Southside Baptist
“We said YES to an almost complete overhaul of our youth ministry. We said YES to using XP3 and transitioned our main youth service from Wednesday night to Sunday night. Our youth ministry went from having two volunteers to having 20. We held an open house to tell parents and members what the goal was of our youth ministry. We provided them with training on how to be a small group leader and how to invest in the lives of students. We said YES to influencing students’ lives and not just giving them pizza and a program—but then again the pizza does come in handy. We said YES to giving them a real authentic faith.” 

Rebecca, Oakwood Church
“Our youth has become an indispensible part of children’s program. They have been challenged to serve in new ways, and are forming relationships with our kids that are tremendously impactful. Their involvement has played a part in unifying the children’s and youth programs at our church. I see this as a small step toward the big Orange idea. I said YES to utilizing our youth, and I confidently believe that our program is more effective, more engaging and more like the body of Christ because of this group.”

Amy, Dagsboro Church of God
“About two years ago our children’s worship leaders left. I knew the importance of worship, but had no talent in the singing or instrument-playing area. But, God was still placing the burden of worship on my heart. So, I have stepped into the role of worship leader for children’s ministry. Little did I realize the effect that it would have on myself as well as the ministry. The opportunity to lead kids in worship has been amazing. It overwhelms me every Sunday morning when I stand on the stage and watch the kids sing and dance to Jesus!”

Todd, Forest Hills Church
“Our student ministry was spending upwards of 25 hours on program prep for our youth gatherings. If you factor in meetings upon meetings, occasional coffee breaks, and the tyranny of the urgent, we had very little time left for being with students. So we said, YES! to less. Our new format has freed our staff to connect relationally with 70 students a month outside of our weekly gathering, expand to near 75 small groups, and create space for around 150 students to volunteer throughout our church. We’re working our way back to center, where discipleship is our goal and relationships our strategy.”

Others said YES to hosting a Family Experience, starting a VBS, implementing Core Essentials, leading small groups, investing in volunteers, starting a church, mentoring middle school students, connecting with parents, empowering students for service, transitioning to small groups, quitting their job so someone else could help their ministry grow, becoming a parent, ignoring their rules, starting a special needs ministry, and much more.

You guys are remarkable. Thank you for saying YES!

Kristi Porter is a writer and consultant for nonprofits and for-profit businesses with a social mission, primarily in the areas of copywriting, marketing and business communications. Find her online at www.signify.solutions, or offline at the movie theater.