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Amber Sky Music is now on iTunes!

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday November 8, 2013
<? echo $type; ?> Amber Sky Music is now on iTunes!

Parents all over the country have been hoping for the day when the music their kids listen to at your church would be available on iTunes. That day is finally here!

All that parents have to do is search AMBER SKY RECORDS on iTunes and they’ll see their kid’s favorite songs available for 99¢, for a limited time.

Will you help us let parents know?
Click here for a PDF you can print and cut apart to give to parents when they pick up their kids this week.
Click here for a banner ad you can include on an email you send to them.

And just for spreading the word to parents, we’ll give you five credits on AmberSkyRecords.com. All you have to do is include musicadmin@rethinkgroup.org in the email you send to them. Or, just email us and let us know. We’ll send you a coupon code good through December 31.

The Amber Sky Team

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