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Orange Specialists Now on Twitter!

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday October 4, 2013
<? echo $type; ?> Orange Specialists Now on Twitter!

Staying in touch with Orange just got one step easier! As you know, your Orange Specialists have been available by phone or by email for questions, implementation ideas, resources and feedback. Now, you can reach them on Twitter, as well! Following is a list of each Orange Specialist and their Twitter handle. They’re just a tweet away!

Courtney Templeton: @OrangeCourtney

Abbey Carr: @OrangeAbbey

Amy Grisham: @OrangeAmyG

Jenn Day: @OrangeJennD

Stephanie Porter: @OrangeStephanie

Becky Kizer: @OrangeBeckyK 

Misty Phillips: @OrangeMistyP

Joy Bowen: @OrangeJoyB

Jeremy Zach: @OrangeJeremyZ

Matt Ivy: @OrangeMattI

Deb Springer: @OrangeDebS

Gay Tucciarone: @OrangeGayT

Annette Stickney: @OrangeAnnetteS

Barbara Graves: @OrangeBarbaraG

Nancy Squires: @OrangeNancyS 


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