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A “Picture a Day” of Spiritual Growth

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday August 30, 2013
<? echo $type; ?> A “Picture a Day” of Spiritual Growth

Sometimes I wish I could take a picture of where I am spiritually every day of my life and then look back a year, or even 10, and see how I’ve grown. Of course, there would be times when I was pretty stagnant, but I think all I’d have to do is look at the video and I’d be motivated to get going again. What inspired me to even think about this idea of a spiritual picture of growth?

Watch this: Growing a Beard

So maybe growing a beard isn’t your thing, but I’d challenge you to do this: Start writing down your prayers, your thoughts, and even your struggles with God. Then, from time to time, look back and see what God has been up to. You may be surprised by all of the ways God is continually working to shape and grow you spiritually as you look back on your writings.

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