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Are You a Leader or a Doer?

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday July 9, 2013
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by Andrea Goslee

Over the last 20 years, I have worked in three different church plants. As each church has evolved, I’ve continued to see my ministry “hat” change. In the initial phase of ministry, I was the one doing most of the daily tasks—purchasing supplies, scheduling volunteers, preparing to lead worship, or getting ready to lead a Small Group on Sunday. As the churches began to grow, I began to build and equip a team and saw my ministry hat change—from the one doing a lot of the tasks, to the one leading others gifted in specific areas to serve as a team that was accomplishing these things together.

Take a step back and see where you are in your ministry role today. Are you a leader or a doer? Are you hanging out on an island doing the work of the ministry by yourself or are you equipping others to work together with you to accomplish greater things for God’s glory? As an Orange leader, I have learned that two combined influences can make a greater impact. That statement refers to parents and the church partnering together, but it can also be applied to you as a leader. A team of leaders can have a much greater impact than you can have alone.

Ask yourself two questions: First, what is the specific gift with which God has equipped you that can make the biggest impact in your ministry? Second, what are some things you are currently doing that someone else could do? Think about those around you. Who do you know that loves to shop? Ask them to join your team to help purchase Small Group supplies. Who comes to mind that is a great communicator and makes you laugh? Ask them to join your Large Group team as a Host or Bible Storyteller. Start building your team and becoming a leader of leaders. Let others experience the same joy you feel when you are serving God’s kingdom and helping lead others to become fully engaged followers of Jesus. Start giving your ministry away while raising up others to lead alongside of you. Be more than just a doer. Be a leader of leaders and make a greater impact.

Andrea Goslee is the director of River Kids at Rivers Crossing Community Church, a church plant in northern Cincinnati. She has been involved in church plants for more than 20 years, helping plant two additional churches in the Cincinnati area. She is passionate about partnering with parents to help kids become fully engaged followers of Christ. Andrea leads a gathering for leaders in local churches that meet to connect, share ideas and partner for events in hopes to “paint the city Orange.” She and her husband, Brian, live in Maineville, Ohio, with their two great teenagers, Jordan and Lauren. You can reach Andrea on Twitter: @andrearc3kids or Facebook: Andrea Rollins Goslee.

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