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YouLead: New Featured Materials!

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday June 13, 2013
<? echo $type; ?> YouLead: New Featured Materials!

You know it’s coming! While everyone is counting down the days left of school, you are counting the days until school starts again, and your Fall Kickoff is here! This month we want to provide you with resources to help you get ready for the FALL!

Prez: Live to Serve Event
What’s Included:
* Event Guide
* Production Notes
* Tech Notes
* 1 QuickTime Video featuring Reggie Joiner interviewing Brian White from Disney
* Production slides that will help you design transitions that will keep everyone engaged
* Image files for postcards and posters that will help you promote and publicize the event
* Discussion Notes with questions to get you talking with your teams

The purpose of this event is to enable you to create a day for casting vision, stimulating conversation and providing inspiration and training for your family ministry. Sounds like a hefty task? Here’s the thing, whether you are brand new to Orange or have been Orange for years, communicating the vision and helping your volunteers understand the significance of what they do is something that people need to be reminded of regularly.

We also know that Sunday is coming, you have curriculum to prep, volunteers to recruit, emails to answer and lots and lots to do! So, where do you find the time to put together an event that will train your team? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you! Live to Serve is designed so you can create an event that is achievable for any size and type of church.

SESSIONS: Selected Messages from Ministry Experts
Mike Clear
How to Host a Volunteer Training Event
Your training events are a first impression of what it is like to serve in your ministry environment. We all know that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. So, don’t just throw together a meeting; instead, create an experience for your volunteers in a way that casts vision for the future of your ministry.

Tony Morgan
Simply Strategic Volunteers
In case you haven’t figured it out, you’ll never have enough money to hire enough staff to accomplish your ministry vision. The only way it’ll happen is if you engage volunteers. Tony shares 10 simple strategies to connect people in serving opportunities at your church. These proven principles will help you grow the impact of your ministry while reducing the need to hire staff.

Rodney Anderson
Leading and Maintaining Student Volunteers
What motivates people to leave the comfort of their seats and get involved? We think it’s possible to create the kind of student volunteer experience that attracts and keeps great volunteers. Learn with us as we continue to explore new opportunities to find the kinds of student leaders that we are all looking for.

PREZ: Why They Leave
Jared Herd
If you walk through the halls of most of our churches on a Sunday morning, you will see children and teenagers learning about God and growing in their faith. We pour countless hours, blood, sweat, and tears into making sure their experience within our walls keeps them coming back. But are we protecting our investment? Right now, statistics are telling us that 65-80 percent of Christian teenagers are walking away from church and not coming back. To us as leaders of students, these are names and faces, not just statistics. In this breakout session, join Jared Herd, author of More Lost than Found and creative director of XP3, in a practical session about what we can do as church leaders to make sure the students that are in our care now stay engaged with God beyond our time with them.

Podcast: Role Definition
Hear from some top leaders on why defining the roles of your volunteers is so important.

Sample Job Descriptions
Need some examples of staff and volunteer job descriptions? We got those, and also descriptions for First Look, 252 Basics, and XP3

SOCIAL Plans: Messages and Images that Inspire Volunteers
Social Plan: Strategy 01
Social Plan: Small Groups 02
Social Plan: Leadership 02
Social Plan: Family 02

At Orange Leaders, we influence those who influence the next generation. We do that by creating resources and products that help leaders like you do ministry better.