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Social Media Trends Churches Must Understand

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Tuesday March 12, 2013
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Anthony Coppedge has poured through dozens of statistics and aggregated the most recent trends on social media usage (in the U.S.). The result is a new infographic created specifically to help church leaders understand the most important trends and apply them in their communications.

As you read through the statistics and information, consider what this means for your communication strategy. Will you change anything about the way you communicate with volunteers, staff and church members based on these trends? Do you already utilize technology and social media in your ministry?

Anthony Coppedge is known for building powerful relationships and has exemplary communication skills that foster collaborative processes between leaders and teams. Over the years, Anthony has worked for a diverse group of organizations and is a renowned speaker and trainer at conferences. Anthony’s e-book,“The Reason Your Church Must Twitter,” was released in January of 2009. His new book, on strategic social media for churches, is due to be released in early 2013.

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