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Fundraising to OC13 with Coffee!

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday February 22, 2013
<? echo $type; ?> Fundraising to OC13 with Coffee!

Looking for a creative way to get you and your team to Orange Conference 2013? How about selling a delicious Orange blend of coffee from our amazing partners, Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee? Yes? Read on!

A Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee representative interviewed Angella Cuffe, an Orange Conference 2012 attendee, who used the fundraiser to make her way from New York all the way to Atlanta last April.

LOTH: Where are you from and what brought you to Orange? What area of ministry are you working within your church community?
Angella: I live in Long Island and my church is in Elmhurst, New York. I volunteer with 4th and 5th graders. I attended a webcast hosted by Orange Leaders and was so impressed by what they presented that I knew that the conference would be awesome in equipping me to shape the lives of children and families in these times for the Kingdom’s sake. When my Children’s Director showed me the possibility that I could attend the conference I was excited.

LOTH: How does Orange differ from other conferences? What made it special to you?
Angella: Wow! Where do I start? I left there feeling more equipped and refreshed. I love that the main sessions as well as the breakout sessions focused on the heart of family ministry.

LOTH: What was your favorite thing about your experience at The Orange Conference 2012?
Angella: There are so many things that I love about the conference: the quality and content of what was presented, the focus of the worship was awesome, and the giveaways were cool.

LOTH: Who organized the Land of a Thousand Hills coffee fundraiser at your church?
Angella: Our Children’s Director, Rosie, organized the fundraiser.

LOTH: Can you give us some additional details on the “hows” of your fundraiser?
Angella: We premiered our fundraising effort at a parenting event at our church and the support was great. We also set up a table in our lobby for three Sundays. Along with Land of a Thousand Hills coffee we also sold baked goods, many of which were donated by people within our church. We provided mini samples of the coffee using one bag each Sunday. Even the balloons that were at our display table were sold and some gave more than what was asked for the coffee.

In addition, we did one announcement from the pulpit wearing our Think Orange T-shirt to tell why we were selling Land of a Thousand Hills coffee.

Our Children’s Director, Rosie, also followed up with a thank you note to each individual who supported us. With that note was an invitation to follow her on Twitter to see what she learned from the conference.

LOTH: What portion of your financial need did this fundraiser fulfill to get you to Orange Conference 2012?
Angella: The fundraiser covered registration and air travel from New York. I was able to share a room at a nearby inn with two other attendees and we travelled to and from the site together.

LOTH: Do you think the fundraising model would be beneficial to other churches to utilize? If so, why?
Angella: Most definitely. I believe it went so well at our church because, in addition to sending me to the conference, purchasing Land of a Thousand Hills coffee allowed us to contribute toward the transformation of communities in Haiti, Thailand and Rwanda.

LOTH: Will you help fundraise this year to potentially allow more church volunteers and leaders to attend The Orange Conference 2013?
Angella: I would love to! It would really be great if more volunteers could attend The Orange Conference next year.

LOTH: Are you changing your fundraising approach for 2013?
Angella: Yes! We plan on making our fundraising effort bigger and better by: getting more volunteers involved in baking goods and selling the Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee, talking more about the coffee how in addition to sending more volunteers to the conference people around the world will be blessed by their purchase, and more aggressive selling.

LOTH: Is there anything additional you would like to share with other conference attendees that may be considering the fundraiser?
Angella: It’s amazing how people respond to a product that not only help our cause, sending volunteers to the conference, but also support another cause of helping those who are growing the coffee around the world to succeed. It’s a win-win endeavor. We are delighted to be a part of it!

Click HERE to learn more about this amazing (and easy) fundraising opportunity!

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