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Orange Conference 2013: Laugh. Pray. Talk.

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Friday February 1, 2013
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Each year, the ministry team I served with would attend a children’s conference together. Our church invested in leadership by sending teams to conferences to gain insight. Upon return each year, we had to whittle down our white-van-road-trip conference experience to a few short minutes of sharing in staff meeting. I needed hours! (I’m pretty passionate about effective ministry.) There had been so many very practical helps for us to talk through. There were many ways to improve ministry to kids and families on a local level. We found out people in Washington were experiencing the same challenges others were facing in Florida and Kansas as they did local ministry. Things we struggled with, churches from other areas shared great solutions they had incorporated. We learned that we were not alone in ministry. That white van road trip had been our place to begin processing.

This crew traveling together brought expectation, snacks, and conversation all packed together inside that white church van. While on the road, we talked of what we wanted a conference to help with both coming and going. The white van was our conference room. It brought us together. (And what team doesn’t love a great state rest stop?!)

We laughed ’til our sides ached. We made friends with leaders from different kid ministry divisions in our own church. (Sometimes we are so busy DOING ministry, we forget about how amazing the people are whom we serve alongside!) We learned about how each of us came to Christ. All in a white van!

About six months after a conference when we were knee deep in ministry issues, I always wanted to pull the white van in front of the children’s ministry area and say, “Get in.” I would have liked to just drive and get reacquainted with these amazing people.

This April, you have a chance to jump in a van, or an airplane, with your team and attend a conference that will change your ministry. Orange Conference, April 24-26, 2013, in Atlanta, Ga., is a unique event because you can bring any member of your staff—from your senior pastor to your preschool volunteers—and together, you’ll discover how to clarify the essentials, eliminate distractions and focus.

I don’t know what color your van is, but I treasure those times we got away from ministry in our white van to work on DOING effective ministry. Get in!

If you register now through February 14, 2013, you’ll receive a $50 Orange credit and save $40! That means that you can register for only $279—a $40 savings off of the regular registration rate of $319!

Additionally, you will receive a $50 credit toward the purchase of First Look preschool curriculum, 252 Basics children’s curriculum, XP3 Students curriculum, XP3 College curriculum or YouLead for the first four registrations, up to $200. For complete details, please visit the Pricing page on www.TheOrangeConference.com.

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