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What's New in YouLead?

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Thursday January 24, 2013
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In an effort to provide you with resources to help you do ministry better, we wanted to let you know what’s NEW this month!

SESSIONS: Selected Messages from Ministry Experts
How to Lead a Family Ministry Meeting
By Mike Clear
After months, maybe even years, of making efforts toward Orange at your church you finally got all the key ministry leaders to sit down together, in the same room, to talk about what it means to think Orange. But, now what? What exactly do you do in this meeting? What do you talk about? In this session, the family ministry team from Discovery Church will pinpoint practical exercises to help you conduct family ministry staff and volunteer meetings that cast the Orange vision to everyone in your ministry.

I’m an Island
By Sue Miller
Most of us feel that when it comes to thinking Orange, we’re the only one pushing the vision up the hill at our church. How do you move this vision forward when you are the only one behind it? We’ll look at some steps that will help you strategically move toward your goal of one day partnering with parents as an integrated team.

Storytelling for Children and Preschoolers
By Jeffrey Reed
This is THE BIG marble. The one that may be the ONLY chance you have to get your message across! You know you’ve only got a small window, right? That single opportunity you may have to make an impact—THE impact. You will learn how to effectively communicate to preschoolers and children. You’ll learn the approaches that are different from those that you might use toward adults. And, yes, it involves more than raising the pitch of your voice! There are some similarities that will surprise you as well. Jeffrey speaks to kids across the country at churches and camps, including Camp KidJam. Come and learn how to hone your skills and make the largest impact in the short time (marble) that you have with kids.

CULTURE: Executive Summaries and Book Previews
Real World: LEGO
The LEGO brand encompasses creativity, fun, quality, imagination and learning. So, how could this universal toy brand be sliding toward failure? LEGO needed a serious turn around. Here, the story of how they strategically pulled themselves out of an economic crisis and embraced technology to make LEGO relevant to the 21st Century kid. The LEGO story of innovation has much application for any church leader leading through change.

SOCIAL: Messages and Images That Inspire Volunteers
Week 21
Week 22
Week 23
Week 24

PREZ: Strategic Presentations to Train Teams
Leading Change Without Losing It Presentation
You’ve heard it, you know it needs to happen, so now how do you communicate it to the rest of your team? We have done it for you! This presentation will allow you to share Carey Nieuwhof’s message of change with your entire team!

PLUS: Random Stuff Leaders Want
Game Changer Videos
These 30-second video clips are sure to inspire you to be . . . a game changer!

Tipping Point Book Study
By Malcolm Gladwell
The tipping point is that moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire. A creative ministry idea or ideology can launch the message of Jesus into a group or community. This book will challenge you to rethink how you can leverage your influence and ideas to impact a generation for Jesus.

Developed by Orange, YouLead is designed to develop the leadership skills of yourself, your team and your volunteers. It centers on answering three basic questions: What can I do to continue learning as a leader? How can I be intentional about connecting with my volunteers consistently? What can we do to stay on the same page as a team? We do this by creating materials that can be digested in 20 easy minutes. Click here to learn more about a subscription to YouLead.

At Orange Leaders, we influence those who influence the next generation. We do that by creating resources and products that help leaders like you do ministry better.