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Leading Change Without Losing It, New Book Released by Carey Nieuwhof

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Orange Leaders Monday December 10, 2012
<? echo $type; ?> Leading Change Without Losing It, New Book Released by Carey Nieuwhof

Sooner or later, anyone in a leadership position will need to facilitate change to be effective. Undoubtedly, that change will encounter opposition. Senior pastor of Connexus Community Church and speaker, Carey Nieuwhof, takes this fact one step further in coaching leaders not only to accept the inevitable, but to anticipate opposition to change and create a plan to work through it thoughtfully. In his new book, Leading Change Without Losing It, Carey outlines five strategies that can revolutionize how people lead change when facing opposition. Releasing today, this book chronicles the personal experiences and lessons learned by Carey as he transitioned three already existing church bodies into one, then eventually decided to start over and plant a new, non-denominational church.

“In talking to church leaders in virtually every context, change always emerges as the biggest issue,” says Carey. Leading Change Without Losing It comes out of a desire to help leaders successfully navigate one of the biggest issues any leader faces today. Leaders who solve the change issue in this generation will be able to hand off a stronger church to the next generation.”

So, how do leaders navigate change, and the opposition to it, without giving up their dream for what could and should be? Carey examines five strategies that can help leaders steer churches through change:

1. Determine who is for (or against) the change and why.

2. Decide where to focus your attention.

3. Develop the questions that will set your course.

4. Learn to attack problems instead of people.

5. Persevere until the critical breakthrough.

Insightful and practical, Leading Change Without Losing It offers hope and encouragement for leaders, no matter where they serve in the church. It is sure to become a great tool for leaders at all stages in their ministry.

To purchase via Amazon or iTunes, follow these links! PLUS, it’s on sale this week for $4.99!
Leading Change Without Losing It on iTunes

To hear more from Carey about the book, check out this two Vimeo videos!



Founding pastor of multi-site Connexus Community Church near Toronto, Carey Nieuwhof is a popular speaker on church leadership, change, and parenting, and the co-author of Parenting Beyond Your Capacity. Carey and his wife, Toni, live near Barrie, Ontario. They have two sons, Jordan and Sam.

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