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Holy Discontent Book Study, Week 2

Orange Leaders
Orange Leaders Wednesday October 24, 2012
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There are experiences we have in life that can change our course forever. It may be a mission trip, an experience with a local nonprofit organization, or a life event that fuels a fire within you—and the more you feed the flame, the more you want to fight to make a change. Sometimes, that might even mean that the original place of holy discontent for you may change or morph into something a bit different.

For me, helping young people (especially in our community) experience the hope and grace of Jesus, has been a strong area of holy discontent for me. But about a month ago, that holy discontent morphed a bit for me because of the stuff in life that happens sometimes. Our college-age daughter was the victim of an assault in September. Experiencing this traumatic event alongside her has left me wrecked—not just for my sweet girl—but for every girl who has had her dignity and innocence taken from her. My holy discontent has morphed a bit over the past month; I don’t want any girl to doubt that they are beautiful, worthy, and loved by their heavenly Father—no matter where they’ve been or what they’ve experienced. It is a fight for me that I wish wasn’t fueled by something so close to home, but it is one I intend to fight wholeheartedly.

This week, we’re going to take a look at Part 2 of Bill Hybel’s book Holy Discontent. In these chapters, readers will discover how to develop their holy discontent. Let’s take a look at some of the key factors:

Feeding the Frustration
It sometimes can be easy to turn the other way when something pings at your heart; after all, feeding that frustration—that holy discontent—can be a lot of work. Hybels says that the best thing you can do to feed your holy discontent is to move toward your area of frustration until God gives you a clear direction as to what action to take for resolution. The closer we get to the holy discontent, the more God will birth new visions in you to become part of the solution.

A Worthy Fight
Fighting for what you strongly believe in often comes with risks—isn’t that what we’re often told? “It’s a risk worth fighting for . . .” When we step out to battle for our holy discontent, the enemy would like nothing more than to squander our efforts with the notion that it’s too risky, not worth it, or that it’s an unattainable goal. To quote an age-old cliché, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!” is absolutely correct when we fight for our holy discontent. When it seems too big or too risky, lean into your holy discontent even more; then see where God leads you.

Wherever and Whenever
Sometimes our holy discontent morphs into something different—Hybels advises us to follow it. Hybels uses the example of Nehemiah, a man who thought he had his purpose in life figured out, only to have God show up and call Nehemiah to participate in a new thing; something that he was ultimately prepared for and skilled to do. When you feel that God is shifting your holy discontent, go with it and trust in His leading.

Think On This
What are some tangible ways you can “feed” your holy discontent? What are the risks in your fight? How can you lean into your holy discontent when things get risky? Why is it difficult to follow your holy discontent when it morphs or changes? How can you expand your territory to keep the fuels of your frustration or holy discontent burning?

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